5 Designer Tips for Choosing A Statement Chandelier for a Dining Room

If your dining room is feeling a little empty, it might be time to flood that space with light! Not just any light, though. A chandelier is the best way to create a signature look for your dining room. It can be that one element that ties everything together or the standalone statement that makes your decor pop.

Your design tells a story about who you are and a well-chosen chandelier can be the plot twist that makes your guests sit up and take notice.

There are so many ways you can use a chandelier to enhance your design and you’re really only limited by your imagination. However, there are a few things you should know before you begin browsing for that perfect piece to complement your dining room.

1.  Choose a Style Based on the Experience You Want to Evoke

Have you ever noticed how different it feels to be in a well-designed room? The overall aesthetic of a space evokes different emotions and creates a general atmosphere. Many people will tell you to consider the design of your room when choosing a style for your chandelier, but we think it’s wise to focus on the atmosphere you’ll be creating.

If you have a classic aesthetic, for instance, you can add a little fun by contrasting your design with a contemporary style of chandelier. When you make the experience of your space the focal point, you’re no longer limited by style or design.

2.  Figure Out What Size You Prefer

There’s a general rule of thumb for Chandelier sizing: it should be three-quarters to one-half the size of your table or its diameter should be the sum total of the width and length of your room. That said; size doesn’t matter as much as style.

Instead of using size to create emphasis, look towards the overall shape of your chandelier. There are designs with a natural aesthetic that mirror the shape of branches and hug the ceiling, hanging pendants featuring simple lamps or complicated geometric shapes and even asterisk-shaped lights that look like a burst of stars. It all comes back to the story you want to tell and the atmosphere it will create.

3.  Consider How the Quality of Light will Affect Your Overall Room Design

When it comes to a chandelier, the kind of light it produces depends on the type of bulbs it will use as well as the overall shape of the fixture. You can purchase chandeliers that allow you to adjust light levels so you can set your ambience accordingly. So, when it comes right down to it, it’s more about how your chandelier spreads light through the room than brightness levels.

Domed chandeliers with internal lighting create a glow effect that diffuses light across a limited space. Branching chandeliers have more shadowing in their overall light effect and cause a wider glow.

The shape of your fixture determines what direction light travels so think about how you want to illuminate your space to bring out different elements of your design while creating the right atmosphere.

4.  The Chandelier is a Centrepiece, but What About the Accents?

If you’re really going for something that makes a statement, more can be better. Consider using multiple small chandeliers that complement one another or choose something larger and rely on track lighting as an accent.

There are endless opportunities here for design but it all comes back to the story you want your dining room to tell. Is it a place for family gathering, romantic dinners or the epicentre for entertaining among your group of friends? If it’s a little bit of everything, multiple lights allow you to blend styles and have far better control over light levels.

You can turn off the track lighting that’s sunk into your ceiling and rely on the romantic glow of your chandelier for those quiet dinners at home. When guests are over or your table becomes a place to work, you can turn up all the lights and illuminate the entire room. Mixing and matching is a great way to create a truly versatile space.

5.  Remember that Good Design Tells a Story

When it comes to design, it should always tell a story. That story is about who you are and how your space is used. The layout of your furniture and the style of your design aesthetic should all come together to reveal aspects of your personality.

A chandelier is the perfect way to make a statement with your design. Don’t make a choice based on what’s popular, trending or what fits neatly with the style of the room. A statement isn’t meant to go unnoticed so your new chandelier should stand out whilst complementing every other design element of your space.