6 Interior Design Trends that will be Big This Summer

Interior design is just like any other sort of design or fashion—it changes and adapts to the time. It may seem that something changes every time you turn your back, but it’s easier than you may think to keep your furnishings and decor up to date.

 Keep your place looking great this summer with the following interior design tips and inspiration.


  1.        Neutral colour schemes are very ‘in’

If you’ve been thinking about painting any of the rooms in your house—or all of them—the first thing to consider is colour. Keep your colour scheme as simple as you can, with one main colour and one or two additional colours to complement it.

Some modern choices for dining rooms are white with brown or natural tones, white with grey and black, or even white and black. Brighten your kitchen with white and yellow. For a living room, consider white paired with a darker feature colour. Charcoal and blue might be exactly what your home office needs.


 Whatever the case is, once you have decided on a theme ensure you stick to it. Your colour scheme is what the rest of your interior will be designed around. An added positive is that if you change your overall design in later years, the neutral colours will go with anything.


  1.        Keep furniture choices simple and elegant

Finding the right piece of furniture for your space is all about making sure the furniture complements the shape and size of the room and the colours you’ve chosen.

Furniture with neutral colours is a particularly good choice, as neutral colours will fit in with most colour schemes.

It’s not sustainable to be constantly upgrading or changing your furniture. Instead, look for timeless pieces that will go with anything. Scandinavian designs are a good example of this, with their focus on simple shapes, natural wood, and minimalist style and colours.


  1.        Brighten up your living space with lighting

Whether your space has room for ceiling lights or wall lights, adding in some lighting will help to open up your room and put all your beautiful furnishings and decor on display.

Consider installing chandeliers over standard lighting for a unique look your guests will remember. Chandeliers are timeless options with many different designs available. Vintage candlestick designs, elegant crystal designs, modern industrial designs, and minimalist designs are just some of the types to choose from.


  1.        Draw attention with embellishments

Small embellishments such as fringes or tassels can add contrast to a room or piece of furniture, drawing the eye and creating an energetic disruption. When paired with simple or minimalist designs, embellishments can prevent the overall style from becoming too plain and lifeless.

They also won’t clutter the room or distract from the clean lines. Make sure to match the colours and don’t make the embellishments too loud or bright.


  1.        Liven up your space with plants

Always a great way to bring a feeling of life and serenity to a space, plants and foliage can liven any room, especially in summer. They can also help absorb extra light with their varied surfaces and colour, helping keep the summer glare down and the plants themselves healthy and vibrant.

Pairing them with similarly coloured furniture can create a gorgeous natural look. Live plants also have health benefits, both physical and mental.


  1.        Highlight spaces using geometrics

Geometric designs are back in, especially for tiles and wallpapers. These simple repeating designs can “fill in” the background of a room without distracting from other theming. Bathrooms especially can benefit from this type of wall covering. Some modern materials allow you to essentially wallpaper your bathroom with a waterproof coating.

Interior design trends from summer 2018 aim to take full advantage of the energy and life of summer, and pair it with minimalist or simply-restrained theming.

Colour choices, lighting styles, simple furniture, plants, and innovative design flourishes are all part of adding a sense of curated passion to your living space this summer.