7 Reasons Why Primrose Hill is one of the Best Places to Live in London

Primrose Hill has quickly gained a reputation as being one the best places to live in London. This cosy community has a lot to offer, from superb shopping to impeccable eateries. If you’re on the cusp of a move to the home of “Big Ben,” you might want to consider Primrose Hill as your neighbourhood of choice.


 We’ve done some research and compiled the top 7 reasons why Primrose Hill is one of the best places to live in London.


  1. Independent Shops

Primrose Hill might be quaint but it’s definitely not lacking in shops or hot-spots. The great part about the shopping scene here is that it’s heavily focused on independent stores where you can find unique items and bargain items.

If you’re looking for a vintage chandelier or a special piece of art for your London home, you will be sure to find something special in one of their independent shops. For those who love a good deal and a special find, shopping in Primrose Hill is for you.


  1. Excellent Food

If there’s one reason anyone would want to live in a special part of town it’s because the food selection is impeccable. This definitely stands true for Primrose Hill, where the restaurants and cafe options are any foodies dream.

Restaurants like Lemonia have been thriving for over 30 years as a result of their excellent dishes and quality ingredients. But, it’s not just about the quality.

The variety of options of cuisine in Primrose Hill is unbeatable so you can satisfy just about any taste-bud. Lots of people outside of the neighbourhood come down to Primrose Hill just for the food.


  1. Fun Street Fairs

The Primrose Hill Festival is a bi-annual event that has become known as one of the best festivals in London.

This event has everything you would want from a festival including, delicious street food, cocktail bars and even high-end fashion. Street fairs like these are common in Primrose Hill and make the area both fun and vibrant.


  1. Celebrities

You may have heard about Primrose Hill when the likes of Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Daniel Craig lived in the area.

Given the number of celebrities that live in Primrose Hill, the area always feels special, vibrant and, “in.” You might find yourself sitting out in the park that overlooks the city beside a big name celebrity when you live in this beautiful area.



  1. Relaxation & Pamper Facilities

Spas, yoga studios and sought-after salons are easy to find in Primrose Hill so if you’re looking to treat yourself regularly, there are loads of specialty places that will cater to your every need.


  1. Great Pubs

There is no shortage of pubs in Primrose Hill, and they are all really great. If you want to go somewhere noteworthy, “The Queen’s” is the most reputable of them all and you will find locals there on a daily basis.

Otherwise, there is also “The Engineer,” “Princess of Wales” and, “The Landsdowne,” which all offer great food, great beer and excellent live music.


  1. Books, Books, Books!

If you love to read, or simply have a love for all things literature, Primrose Hill is your ideal spot. Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes once lived here and, these days, you might find Alan Bennett strolling the streets of the area. This community has a rich literary history that can be very appealing to just about any bookworm.

Primrose Hill is most definitely one of London’s hot-spots! If you’re looking into buying property in the area or you are currently exploring your options on where to live next, you might want to consider this charming community as the place to settle down.

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