The Best 8 Interior Design Blogs To Follow
Interior design is one of those complex fields where you can never really have too much information. Whether you're a professional designer or simply want some inspiration for the decoration of your own home, the blogs listed in this article provide plenty of wonderful ideas and solid advice.
The Benefits of Furniture Restoration
Furniture restoration, when done well, renovates the exterior of the furniture making it look as it would have when new, but without needing to replace the internal composition.
Home Office - Modern Ideas for Shelving & Storage
Good shelving can go a long way towards helping you keep the office tidy, and makes it easier to store and find the things you need.
Interior Design Trends That You'll Love In 2018
A year is a long time in interior design. For 2018, we have a whole host of new interior design trends to observe, admire, discuss, dismiss or embrace.
Inspiration - Plants In The Dining Room
Plants are one of the simplest ways to lift the atmosphere of a room, and the dining room is perfect because you have so many options. As well as the perimeter of the room, you also have the dining table itself upon which a floral arrangement can be placed.
Why Designers Love Neutral Colours
Once you dip your toes into the world of interior design, you're going to be hearing (or reading) quite a lot about colour theory, colour psychology, and neutral colours.
What Makes The Perfect Desk Space?
The desk is an important piece of office furniture, so it makes sense to choose, plan, and accessorise your desk appropriately.
Easy Living Room Updates you can do in a Weekend
It’s always a good idea to ensure that your home is prepared to comfortably host and entertain guests, or at least your living room should be. Here are some quick clean up tips.
Who Lives In A House Like This? - Celebrity Inspiration for Interior Design
Most celebrities are lucky enough to lead a good lifestyle, they can often afford to spend on the best interior design for their homes, and even though not everyone has a celebrity budget, inspiration costs nothing.
Most of London Christmas Lights 2017 are switched on…and they’re amazing!
Christmas is a special time, but in London it is particularly special due to the world famous Christmas lights displays that are displayed at many different sites around the city.