The 5 Most Expensive Chandeliers From Around The World
Chandeliers are designed to attract attention. Originally intended as a practical way to get more light to places where it was needed, over time chandeliers grew to become status symbols.
Things You Should Know About Lighting Placement
Choosing the lights for your home or corporate space is just one part of the lighting design task. Placement is also a very important part of the task, and one you should give equally serious thought to.
How to Achieve Layering in your Lighting Plan
The most professional approach to lighting is to use layering. This is exactly what it sounds like, though it may be a bit difficult to imagine what it looks like until you have seen it in action.
How to Avoid Common Lighting Mistakes
Many people don't spare much thought for the lighting in their homes and offices. The consequences of lighting mistakes may not be too dire, but they're not enjoyable to live with. In this article, we'll look at the most common lighting mistakes and how to avoid or resolve them.
The Best Lighting Choices for Homes with Young Children
Children are a delight, but as they all possess the potential to cause havoc when it comes to decorative furniture and lighting fixtures, there's a need to plan carefully when buying new things for the home.
How Art Nouveau is Making a Comeback in Interior Decoration
The beauty of Art Nouveau has always been treasured by collectors, and is now making a major comeback in the world of interior decoration.
Lighting Themes in Interior Decoration
Lighting has a much more important role to play in interior decoration than many people give it credit for. After all, without light, nobody can see your other decorative touches at all once the sun has set. Having a theme for your furnishing and lighting helps to give a home, office, or open indoor space some character and atmosphere.
The History of King's Road, London
Christopher Wray Lighting is proud to be situated on the famous King's Road in Fulham. It is an area that has always been associated with fashion and style, and that trend stretches way back. Let’s take a look at the fascinating history of King’s Road and look at some of the characteristics that have made it such a great place to be.
Light Up Your Rooms: Decorating with Chandelier Lighting & Wall Lights
Whatever style of home you’re decorating, whether it’s modern or older, a combination of chandelier and wall lighting can add a beautiful decorative touch. It is important to attempt a match between the style of the room and the lighting installed in it.
A Lesson In Lighting: How & Where To Use Wall Lights
Wall lights provide a way to give an interesting and practical decorative touch to a room, enhancing its ambiance and character. They also provide a softer lighting option than overhead lights, and can help bring light closer to where you need it.