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Light Up Your Rooms: Decorating with Chandelier Lighting & Wall Lights
Whatever style of home you’re decorating, whether it’s modern or older, a combination of chandelier and wall lighting can add a beautiful decorative touch. It is important to attempt a match between the style of the room and the lighting installed in it.
A Lesson In Lighting: How & Where To Use Wall Lights
Wall lights provide a way to give an interesting and practical decorative touch to a room, enhancing its ambiance and character. They also provide a softer lighting option than overhead lights, and can help bring light closer to where you need it.
The History of Chandelier Lighting
When considered separately, neither ordinary light nor glass is particularly remarkable, however when combined in the right ways, it's possible to create exquisite effects. The chandelier provides an excellent demonstration of this.
Summer Lighting Trends 2017
Lighting does more than just illuminate a space - it can add style, sophistication and warmth to any area and can turn a cold, dark room into a well-lit, decorative masterpiece. From chandeliers and geometric shapes to outdoor lighting, industrial lighting and Edison lamps, join us while we explore five of the top lighting trends for summer 2017.
The Legacy of Louis Comfort Tiffany
There are certain names that are synonymous with quality and style; names that leap off the page with the gift of instant recognition. Louis Comfort Tiffany certainly has the right to be included on that list of the most influential individuals.