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How Art Nouveau is Making a Comeback in Interior Decoration
The beauty of Art Nouveau has always been treasured by collectors, and is now making a major comeback in the world of interior decoration.
Lighting Themes in Interior Decoration
Lighting has a much more important role to play in interior decoration than many people give it credit for. After all, without light, nobody can see your other decorative touches at all once the sun has set. Having a theme for your furnishing and lighting helps to give a home, office, or open indoor space some character and atmosphere.
The History of King's Road, London
Christopher Wray Lighting is proud to be situated on the famous King's Road in Fulham. It is an area that has always been associated with fashion and style, and that trend stretches way back. Let’s take a look at the fascinating history of King’s Road and look at some of the characteristics that have made it such a great place to be.