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Outdoor Lighting Basics for Your Home

It’s pretty easy to know great outdoor lighting when you lay eyes on it. When the sun is no longer the source of light, the house still looks warm and welcoming. The property is devoid of dark shadows, and the entrance and other essential areas are well-lit and you wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to walk outside - it looks safe, secure and stunning.



The thing is that it’s really not that difficult to make your outside lighting just as effective for your own home, however, you do need to know what you are doing and have a proper plan in place. You need to know exactly what you want to achieve from your outdoor lighting before you begin.

Here are four ways to ensure that you get your exterior lighting just right:


Security first

The first thing that you need to consider when it comes to outdoor lighting is how you can use it to make your property even more safe and secure. Well-lit entrances, paths and walkways are essential for a safe property; you want to ensure that no shadows fall on your front entrance, garden, side doors and any other important part of your home.

Motion sensors are a popular type of lighting for security, as they light up every time that they detect movement. Keep in mind, however, that they will light up for pets too - so if Rover is constantly moving past your bedroom window at night, then it may not be the best idea.

Another great option is investing in smart lighting apps that pair your phone to your lights at home and this means that even when you are away you can turn them on in the evenings and off again in the mornings.



Gardens tend to be incredibly dark once the sun goes down and without adequate lighting, you or a visitor could trip and fall when walking through. It’s important, not just for security, but for safety that your paths and entrance way are well-lit. This is especially true for areas of your garden or an entranceway that has stairs.

You could use individual stair lights, LED stripping, under-tread lights or even post lights on your stairs to ensure that they are easy to go up and down without the worry of injury at night.


The features in your garden

One of our favourite parts about exterior lighting plans is deciding which parts of the garden are going to stand out most. Do you have an unusual tree? A beautiful flowering bush? Or a medieval-style wall? Whatever it is, we can use different lighting features to highlight them.

Aspects such as sculpture or terraced gardens can look particularly beautiful when lit up correctly at night.

Water features can also look spectacular with the right lighting; whether you’ve got a pool, a pond or a fountain, you can use new waterproof LED lights combined with more traditional lighting features to take them to the next level.



Lifestyle and climate

It makes sense that, if you are living in a warmer climate, the chances are that you’ll be spending more time in your outdoor area. If you love to spend time outdoors and entertain guests, then it’s important to put together a welcoming, comfortable outside area that is well-lit.

There are so many things that you can do to your outside area depending on the space and vibe that you want but have a look at some our signature exterior lights for an example of the amazing contemporary and signature lights that you could use to wow your guests.

Whether you are thinking about designing your new outdoor space or you’re simply decorating a space for a client of yours, then it’s best to speak to professionals that can help you make the right choices.

Contact us for an expert opinion on getting your exterior lighting perfect.