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Flos Lighting Creations are now Available at Christopher Wray

Christopher Wray is proud to be stocking creations from Flos Lighting. Flos is an Italian company with a focus on minimalist lighting design. Their philosophy is one of reduction, reducing both distraction from the world and also design complexity. Their aim is to provide designs with a minimalist appearance that helps to filter out the noise of daily life, creating a simple and pure atmosphere.

Their products reflect this philosophy, with individual designers producing work that provides high impact designs from the simplest of creations. They use deceptively complex technological tricks and high-quality manufacturing techniques to create their works.


Introducing Some of The Magic from the Flos Collection

The Superloon merges technological complexity with simplicity. This floor lamp consists of a tripod base, onto which is mounted a rotating stand containing a large flat disc. This disc contains a ring of edge lighting LEDs that provide a bright but diffused light as it is filtered through a silk screen. The disc can be rotated to face any direction, and a small optical sensor in the base allows the light to be switched to a warm mode, providing a more intimate light tone. While its design is modern and minimalist, the Superloon is a lamp with a lot of power and functionality.

A design with more going on than meets the eye is the Copycat. Two spheres make up this table lamp, one large light-emitting sphere just touching a much smaller golden one. In appearance, the Copycat almost resembles a star and a planet orbiting together. In an interesting twist of both technical and artistic design, it is the smaller sphere that is the heavier, allowing this seemingly precarious design a solid and stable base. The smaller sphere is made from machined aluminium coated in 24K gold, which provides a glorious lustre. A dimmer switch on the power cable allows for fine-tuning of the light.

Providing indirect lighting in style is the Hide wall light. An aluminium shelf with a secret, the Hide has LED lighting on its lower shelf that projects on to the upwards portion of this L-shaped light. Its design brings to mind inspiration and imagination, as it illuminates a room as though from a hidden passage within a bookshelf. Designs and small items can even be placed on the shelf to create interesting new plays of shadow and reflection.

One of the newest and most interesting designs from Flos is Arrangements. This 2018 suspension lighting design is actually a collection of smaller designs. Loops, squares, tear drops, and rods all share a common theme, with a bright outer rim and dark inner rim, paired with a slim and minimal overall design. They can all be purchased and used separately, but the true genius of their design is their ability to be connected. Loops can be placed within each other or suspended from squares.

Tear drops can hang from rods and support loops of their own. Each separate component is connected to the other both mechanically and electrically through an integrated system, and overall power is supplied by a ceiling rose with a customisable setup that includes multiple light levels and a 2.5m cable. The minimal design and impressive customisation of the Arrangements series truly sets them apart from other suspension lights.

Flos Lighting has a lot to offer any home, and at Christopher Wray we’re excited to share this collection with you.


Christopher Wray Welcomes Artemide

At Christopher Wray we pride ourselves on delivering the finest quality in luxury interior design. We combine technology with high-quality design materials to create stunning interiors and we’re proud to announce that we’ve recently added an extra dash of elegance with our newest brand acquisition: Artemide.

Italian Design at its Finest

Artemide is an Italian lighting-design company that delivers a sleek, minimalist style. Their lighting has a simplistic aesthetic that delivers extraordinary results; not only in how their products work, but also in how they fit into the overall design of a room. Artemide offers innovative and intuitive products that balance technology with beauty.

More than that, their lighting is designed with an eye to use. Artemide’s designers create lighting that blends perfectly, or stands out in just the right way. Some lights can be set to shift throughout the day, providing perfect lighting conditions automatically. Other innovative design touches include multi-coloured lights that can be set to different hues for mood lighting, 3-Dimensional wall fixtures, and more.


A Brief Look at the Artemide Company

Founded in 1960 by current president Ernesto Gismondi, Artemide is located in the Milan area of Italy. It has always been at the cutting edge of lighting design, and today the company boasts more than 700 employees with distribution in nearly 100 countries.

Artemide takes smart design all the way by using environmentally sustainable materials. The company also strives to maintain ecological requirements for environmentally friendly products. Some might even say the secret to their success is in technological research and development, but working with world-class designers never hurts either.


Artemide works with nearly a hundred different designers. Their products are a reflection of this, delivering an unmatched attention to detail and aesthetic. They have worked with Mercedes-Benz Style, brothers Pio and Tito Toso, Karim Rashid.

Other notable designers who have worked with Artemide include:

  • Roberto Paoli
  • Italo Rota
  • David Chipperfield
  • Paola di Arianello


Working with so much talent means that Artemide has a wide selection of products to choose from. Each one is stunning and unique, much like the artists who create the designs.



There is no shortage of talent at Artemide, and they have no shortage of awards either! Artemide products have won multiple Compasso d’Oro ADI awards, Red Dot awards, IF product design awards, and Wallpaper design awards.

Their most recent Compasso award is for the Mendori lamp by Japanese designer Issey Miyaki. It has the appearance of a folded paper lantern. The design explores the interplay of light and shadow, a common theme in Japanese design aesthetics.


Design Services You Can Trust

We value our customers and understand the importance of creating your perfect living space. That’s why we’re constantly looking to improve our services, and to continue to add new and innovative products to our design toolbox.

Artemide has a variety of styles created by top designers from around the world. A beautiful room needs the perfect lighting to accent the decor, and to really make it shine! That’s why we’re so excited to welcome Artemide to the Christopher Wray family of product offerings.

7 Reasons Why Primrose Hill is one of the Best Places to Live in London

Primrose Hill has quickly gained a reputation as being one the best places to live in London. This cosy community has a lot to offer, from superb shopping to impeccable eateries. If you’re on the cusp of a move to the home of “Big Ben,” you might want to consider Primrose Hill as your neighbourhood of choice.


 We’ve done some research and compiled the top 7 reasons why Primrose Hill is one of the best places to live in London.


  1. Independent Shops

Primrose Hill might be quaint but it’s definitely not lacking in shops or hot-spots. The great part about the shopping scene here is that it’s heavily focused on independent stores where you can find unique items and bargain items.

If you’re looking for a vintage chandelier or a special piece of art for your London home, you will be sure to find something special in one of their independent shops. For those who love a good deal and a special find, shopping in Primrose Hill is for you.


  1. Excellent Food

If there’s one reason anyone would want to live in a special part of town it’s because the food selection is impeccable. This definitely stands true for Primrose Hill, where the restaurants and cafe options are any foodies dream.

Restaurants like Lemonia have been thriving for over 30 years as a result of their excellent dishes and quality ingredients. But, it’s not just about the quality.

The variety of options of cuisine in Primrose Hill is unbeatable so you can satisfy just about any taste-bud. Lots of people outside of the neighbourhood come down to Primrose Hill just for the food.


  1. Fun Street Fairs

The Primrose Hill Festival is a bi-annual event that has become known as one of the best festivals in London.

This event has everything you would want from a festival including, delicious street food, cocktail bars and even high-end fashion. Street fairs like these are common in Primrose Hill and make the area both fun and vibrant.


  1. Celebrities

You may have heard about Primrose Hill when the likes of Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Daniel Craig lived in the area.

Given the number of celebrities that live in Primrose Hill, the area always feels special, vibrant and, “in.” You might find yourself sitting out in the park that overlooks the city beside a big name celebrity when you live in this beautiful area.



  1. Relaxation & Pamper Facilities

Spas, yoga studios and sought-after salons are easy to find in Primrose Hill so if you’re looking to treat yourself regularly, there are loads of specialty places that will cater to your every need.


  1. Great Pubs

There is no shortage of pubs in Primrose Hill, and they are all really great. If you want to go somewhere noteworthy, “The Queen’s” is the most reputable of them all and you will find locals there on a daily basis.

Otherwise, there is also “The Engineer,” “Princess of Wales” and, “The Landsdowne,” which all offer great food, great beer and excellent live music.


  1. Books, Books, Books!

If you love to read, or simply have a love for all things literature, Primrose Hill is your ideal spot. Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes once lived here and, these days, you might find Alan Bennett strolling the streets of the area. This community has a rich literary history that can be very appealing to just about any bookworm.

Primrose Hill is most definitely one of London’s hot-spots! If you’re looking into buying property in the area or you are currently exploring your options on where to live next, you might want to consider this charming community as the place to settle down.

Why Choose LED Lighting for Your Bathroom Upgrade

Technology is a wonderful thing in most aspects and it’s sure been a game changer when it comes to the lighting industry. Since 2015, homeowners have spent millions of pounds on upgrading their more traditional lighting to LED lighting and they’re reaping the rewards of doing so.

Your bathroom is a hugely important space within your home; it’s a sanctuary where you can wash off the hard work of the day, relax in the bathtub and pamper yourself. It’s also somewhere that you groom and get freshened up; ready to face everything you have to like a champ.


That’s why it’s so imperative to have the right lighting in your bathroom. A lot of bathrooms have poor lighting that doesn’t cast enough light on mirrors to be effective, or the lighting is simply wrong for the overall style of the bathroom.

If you are remodelling your entire bathroom or you simply want to upgrade the lighting to suit your modern fixtures, then LED lighting is the way to go.


Here’s why our first choice for bathroom lights are LED:

Prices are much better

The LED lighting market has seen a massive growth in popularity, which has resulted in more affordable prices for both bulbs and fixtures. It now costs a whole lot less to upgrade your lighting to LED than ever before.

Whether you are simply looking to swap out your bulbs to LED or you want to upgrade the entire system and go for the sleeker looking new LED fixtures and strips – then you can do so without the hefty price tag that used to accompany it.


A whole range of new styles

When people hear the term “LED lighting” they often think that they are going to end up with bare fixtures that cast some sort of fluorescent glow all over their homes. The truth of the matter is that the LED lighting market is now one of the most stylish and modern within the industry.

You can now get LED lighting for your bathroom in a huge range of styles to suit the décor of your bathroom, whether that’s contemporary, rustic or traditional. LED lights are cool, stylish and will add that little bit extra to bring your bathroom décor together.


An improved quality of light

We are well aware that the early attempts at LED lighting often produced the sterile white or blue light that you’d find in an office or a hospital and it wasn’t particularly stylish or flattering. However, the LED lighting industry has advanced so rapidly that you can hardly tell the difference between LED and incandescent lighting nowadays. LED lights are also dimmable, which makes them the perfect addition to any bathroom, as they can be as bright as they need to be for your grooming but put down low when you want to relax in the bath with some candles.


Smart lighting

One of the most wonderful things about LED lighting is its potential for connectivity; LED lighting can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet through an app. This means that you don’t have to get out of bed when you realise you’ve forgotten to turn the bathroom light off.

Smart lighting is also an important feature when it comes to the safety of your home, as you can turn lights on even when you are not there and deter anyone that thinks you are out.


Save energy

We are all becoming more and more conscious of the impact that we are having on the planet and one of the main problems is our energy consumption of fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources. LED lighting was developed due to the need for more energy efficient lighting solutions. LED bulbs use dramatically less energy than older bulbs; they use less energy and save you money on your monthly bills. We think that’s a win-win!

If you’d like to know more about our lighting range or you have a question about interior design in general, we would love to hear from you today so please do get in touch.