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Top Interior Design Trends 2019

When it comes to interior design, trends change often and this year is no different! With a focus on eco-friendly designs, natural elements, vintage lighting, minimalism and clean lines, there are so many ways to transform your home’s interior into an effortlessly beautiful space.


Use the New Year as a chance to overhaul your decor and bring your house back to life, starting with the trends we’ve compiled for you below.


Eco-friendly Designs and Natural Elements

With the current state of the planet and the importance of preserving the world we live in, it should come as no surprise that eco-friendly designs and natural elements are a big trend in interior design in 2019.

Sustainable and natural fabrics can be found just about everywhere in interior design, no matter the style. Upholstered furniture, cushions, throws, rugs, and tapestries are just a few available options. In addition to being better for the environment, these types of design elements can provide an escape from the modern world, as they’re peaceful and grounding.


Vintage Lighting

When it comes to lighting trends in 2019, vintage is making a comeback. This is particularly true of vintage pendants and sconces in copper and brass finishes.

Christopher Wray, experts in bespoke lighting fixtures and furniture in London, offer a great range of lighting that will brighten your space and provide an elegant touch to any space. Notably, Christopher Wray offers the Barattolo pendant collection, either in single suspension or with four lights across a bar, complete with vintage LED filament lamps and a lacquered metal structure.


There’s also the Diem single and double wall sconce with a choice between antique brass, polished nickel, and bronze for the finish and blown glass shade diffusers.


Distinct Colour Palettes

The colour tones chosen for your interior design can dramatically effect the impression and mood of a room. While some colour palettes are timeless, such as neutrals and greys, often such palettes can be built on or altered for a new and striking look.

That is the case this year for matte black, which is considered to be a great alternative to a grey colour palette. Another top colour palette for 2019 is rich earth tones, especially deep reds, oranges, and purples. Pastel colours are also in, so if you’re looking for a softer look, this might be it for you this year.


Minimalism and Clean Lines

Similar to the rising trend of eco-friendly designs is minimalism and clean lines. Minimalism reduces the clutter in your home and thus your environmental impact, while also being a stylish modern option that will open up your home.

Minimalism can help you to find items faster, as every item has its place. And clean lines go hand in hand with this style, giving a distinctive look, especially when paired with eye catching accents and finishes.


Accents and Finishes

An interior design trend that’s sure to make a big impression in 2019 is the use of accents and finishes. This trend can apply to furnishings as well as things like countertops and decor. When used in the right amounts, gold and brass make striking accents and finishes. Often paired with a neutral colour palette, accents and finishes can add an extra shine and a sense of luxury to a room.

This year, update your living area with some great interior design ideas and get with the trends. No matter the type of room you wish to freshen up, these trends in interior design—being quite flexible in nature and adaptable to different rooms—will help you to create a space that you and everyone who uses it will love.