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5 Autumn Décor and Lighting Trends to Give Your Home A Cosy Glow

In Denmark, they have a special word dedicated the joys of “acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cosy, charming or special.”

Hyggae (pronounced hue-guh) is a word unique to the Danish language that is simply dedicated to the warmth of both a psychological and physical feeling of comfort, enjoyment and cosiness that is experienced at times through life.



Given that the average temperature in Denmark is 7.7 degrees Celsius, we’re going to believe that they know a thing or two about being snug in some pretty cold winters, which are normally freezing or below. Hyggae is a word that has been making waves through the interior decorating world, with homes all over the globe trying to replicate the feeling of utter contentment and bliss in cold temperatures.

Autumn is upon us and the days are becoming shorter, the nights colder and the trees are in the midst of bidding farewell to their leaves for the winter season. However, getting our homes winter-ready can always be a bit of a tough one, especially if you have no idea where to start.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favourite ways to give your home a cosy glow this autumn that will make you never want to go outdoors in winter.

Here are our 5 autumn décor and lighting trends to give your home a cosy glow:


  1. Supersized knits

There is just something about knitted textures that oozes cosiness. It brings to mind a picture of our grandmothers sitting by a warm fire and knitting together childhood blankets that saw us through the coldest of winter nights. To make your home extra snug this winter, invest in some oversized, chunky knitted blankets, throws and pillows that will give your home an extra feeling of warmth this autumn.


  1. Warm metal lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures have come a long way in the last couple of years and there’s now a plethora of unique and exciting designs and material to choose from. Lanterns, in particular, can give you the warm glow that you are looking for.

Try and go with warm metal fixtures such as brass that will give you the extra glow to your room that will make your home seem like the perfect spot to spend the cold evenings. These lights aren’t simply for seeing but can make an amazing aesthetic signature piece that brings the whole room together.


  1. Deep wall tones

If you’re thinking about going the whole hog in updating your home into a winter wonderland, then think about painting your walls deep tones like winter blues, forest greens or warming dark reds. These kinds of colours will make the room feel even cosier and the rich brass or other metal lighting fixtures mentioned above simply pop out with these kinds of backgrounds.


  1. Update your furniture colour scheme

Updating the colour scheme on your furniture doesn’t mean that you have to completely recover your couches and chairs, but that you should simply invest in some richly coloured accessories that will give your room that extra Hyggae feeling.

Think about rustic fireside reds and tartan hues in the form of pillows, blankets and throws that will make you feel like you are perched by a fireside in a cosy cabin in the middle of the woods.


  1. A reading nook

We don’t know about you, but autumn and winter to us mean evenings spent by the fire watching TV or reading a good book. Take your autumn décor to the next level with a richly decorated reading nook in which you can snuggle into and lose yourself into your favourite books with a steaming cup of cocoa.

These are just some of the ideas that you can use to transform your home into a cosy autumn escape. If you have anything else you think can add an extra layer of warmth to your décor please leave a comment, as we’d love to hear from you.

Autumn Lighting Trends

There’s something magical about autumn. A chill begins to creep through the air, the trees turn to blazing triumphs of colour and there’s a softer quality to the sunlight that foretells the approaching winter.

If you’re absolutely in love with this time of year, you’re not alone! This year you can celebrate the changing of the seasons in style with some of the top lighting trends for autumn 2018.

We’re excited to share this year’s amazing autumn lighting trends, and it seems that history is making a comeback. Classic and vintage aesthetics are the focal point of the season and a little nature rounds out the look.

Here’s more of what you can expect to see in terms of lighting over the coming few months;

Amber Lighting Makes for a Cosy Room

The first important thing to consider when choosing a new lighting fixture is the light it gives off, and this Autumn it’s all about warmth and comfort. Forego the bright lights and find something that gives off amber tones with a warm glow.

If you’re looking for a good guiding principle, think of the way a crackling fire plays with the night or how a candle’s glow illuminates the space around it.

This gives you a good starting point for the general colour of your lighting as well as the way it should radiate outward to fill a space. Autumn is all about cosying up with your loved ones as the cool winter weather begins to settle in around you.

Choose lighting that casts the same glow as a crackling flame and you’ll be right on target for the season. The Dorney is a beautiful modern dome shaped suspension with a sculptural design that would be ideal for creating that warm glow.

Copper Tones Are the New Gold

Golden hues are still in for autumn, but they’re quickly moving aside for the next big thing: copper tones. This season is all about a vintage, old-world feel. Metallic copper is the quickest way to bring a little old-world charm to your lighting.

Choose fixtures and lamps that have copper and brass tones for the base. If you’re using candles to illuminate your space, look for old-fashioned metal candle-holders in these shades. If you really want to add an extra touch of creativity, choose a modern lamp with a copper finish. This will sit neatly between the present and the past; giving your design a truly unique flair that still fits nicely with contemporary trends.

Other top colour trends for the season are jet blacks and neutral tones with a vintage twist. We recommend that you play with this colour palette to find just the right balance to maintain that overall sense of comfort.

Add a Little History With Folk Artisanal and Scandinavian Vintage

If you’re looking for something to complement the copper hues and warm lighting, artisan folk is a perfect choice. It adds a little rustic charm that fits nicely with the other top trends for autumn: natural design elements and florals.

The other major trend is in designs featuring a vintage Scandinavian look and feel. This uses bold vintage colours such as seafoam green paired with the simple modern designs that dominated the 60s and 70s. Think clean lines and rounded shapes with a rich look and feel.

Bring in the Florals and a Little Bit of Nature

Nature is a mainstay for the season and florals are a must have for your autumn decorating palette. While you can incorporate this into other elements of your design, such as accent pillows, it’s also a fun idea for your lighting.

Think of choosing lamps with a floral pattern such as the Calypso, or go for basic shapes found in nature. One of our favourite choices this autumn is the Chantal chandelier that gives off a warm, honey-toned glow with a body that mimics the natural shape of beehives.


Curl Up with Cosy Design for Autumn

If thinking of the approaching autumn puts a little smile on your face, cosy up with some cocoa and pull out the design catalogues as it’s time to pay homage to the best season of the year. This season it’s all about warmth, comfort and an old-fashioned charm so choose your new lighting fixtures wisely.