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The 5 Most Important Interior Trends for Spring 2019

We all know that it’s been a pretty long and brutal winter and everyone is waiting for spring to bring some sunlight, warmth and cheer into our lives. It’s no coincidence that spring is the season that sees the most renovation and redecorating when compared to its 3 other seasonal compatriots; besides they don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing!


Spring is fresh, it smells good, it’s reinvigorating and it’s the time of the year where we at Christopher Wray are most excited to see what trends are really going to take off in a big way.

We attended a whole host of design events and shows last year and if the whispers are to be believed, these are the top design trends to keep an eye out for in spring:


  1.        Sustainability

There has been a palpable shift over to sustainable and eco-friendly designs over the last few years, but this year we really expect to see designers really getting stuck into it with their utmost creativity.

People are simply steering away from furniture and fixtures that are produced en-masse and are looking for quirky, personal, high quality and sustainable decorations for their homes.

2019 is going to see a new market of sophisticated household fixtures and furniture made from recycled and environmentally-friendly products that aren’t just good for the planet but also clean and elegantly designed for the modern home.


  1.        Darker kitchens

An interesting trend has reared its head over the last season and we have seen the search for black and navy blue kitchens expand dramatically.

Now don’t get us wrong, you shouldn’t make your whole kitchen a dark blue colour but select an aspect that you want to make pop; this could be your walls, floors, cabinets, frames or countertops. Blue is the new grey and we hope that it is here to stay.


  1.        Linear lights

There’s nothing that makes your house more of a home than lighting; luckily we’ve moved away from dull, overhead lighting into a much more exciting and sophisticated lighting era.

This year we are getting more and more requests for linear lighting that is effective whilst bringing an extra element of modern glamour to a home. Linear lighting such as the Abthorpe Range is one of our customer favourites.


  1.        Clashing colours and prints

We missed the years where bold patterns and prints were a thing; for very many years, the minimalist movement and modern sophisticated look seemed to shy away for anything too fun or overstated.

However, we are happy to report that colourful patterns and prints are definitely back for 2019. Whether you’re putting in outrageous wallpaper patterns, velvet cushions, or covering your couch in something bold and beautiful - you’re getting decorating on-trend this year.

However, remember that this also needs to come with some balance, as you don’t want to make your whole house patterned - select a few aspects of your home and furniture and boldify them up and they will light up the whole room.


  1.        Living Coral

There is absolutely no shying away from the fact that Living Coral is this year’s Belle of the Ball. Living Coral was recently named 2019’s Pantone Colour of the Year and this means we’re going to be seeing a whole lot of it.

It’s a bright, pinky-orange dusting of colour that manages to find the middle of the ground in being both understated and eye-catching. How you use it is going to impact the effect that it has on your home; as a wall colour it will pop with playfulness and give your home a bold look and on the other side of the spectrum, using just small pockets of it in a minimalist/modern home will just give you cheeky glances of warmth that bring everything together.

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