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Lighting Options: Subtle Versus Statement Makers

Lighting plays an important role in interior design. Not only is lighting practical, in that it can eliminate darkness so you can see, but it can also be used to give a certain mood or look to a room or space.

Knowing how you want to design a space is the first step in determining what sort of lighting the space needs. This is because the way lighting is used in a room can either be subtle or it can make a statement. Both of these lighting types are important in design, both individually and together, for several reasons.

Using a balance of both lighting types is a good idea because subtle and statement lighting offer different things and they can be layered for optimal effect. To understand how they work together, you need to know how they work individually.


Subtle Lighting

Simple yet refined, subtle lighting is the type of lighting you are likely to find away from the centre of the room. It is lighting that blends in with the wall or ceiling it is attached to, or the floor space it is set on. It is lighting that is focussed on emphasising or complementing other aspects in the room, such as furnishings, wall coverings, and even structural components of the house’s design.

Subtle lighting can include sconces, table and floor lamps, and even lights set into bookshelves or other furniture or items.

Our Volume bookshelf and wine rack is shaped like an elegant teardrop and has a light positioned at the tip to illuminate items placed on the shelves or rack. The lighting here is subtle, meant to draw attention to the beautiful craftsmanship of the piece but not overpower the room.

Likewise, our desk lamps—including the modern Datchet with its LED lighting, chrome metal detailing, and VA screen with clock and other features—are intended to illuminate a smaller, specific area to make working in a dark room a thing of the past.

In the end, subtle lighting is all about creating atmosphere in a quiet and background sort of way.


Statement Makers

Statement makers do just that: make statements. That doesn’t mean that they are the only lighting in a room, but they are intended to draw attention and give viewers a sense of awe. Statement makers are about being decorative as much as they are about lighting up a space.

Statement makers are usually central to a room. One of the main places you may see a statement maker—like a chandelier or one or more hanging shades—is suspended or hanging over a dining table. At the top of a staircase is another prominent area one may be positioned.

Hanging shades like Chime, which consists of one, three, five, or six slim glass tubes with partial satin matt finish to hide the light source, can be suspended from the ceiling. Corbel has four differently-sized domes that can also be hung from the ceiling. The domes come in a variety of elegant shades and finishes to best complement the space.

These lighting options are made with the intent to stand out, while also providing a light source.


Combing Subtle and Statement Lighting

As you have probably presumed by now, pairing subtle lighting with a statement maker can result in a well-lit room that looks great. The statement maker grabs attention and the subtle lighting fills out the less noticeable areas to make sure all that needs to be illuminated is.

With careful selection of different lighting options—and with careful placement of lights and furnishings—different moods and looks can be created.