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Flos is an international company and brand synonymous with high quality and the ultimate expression of fine design, recognised the world over as a leading in the residential and architectural lighting sector. Established in Merano -northern Italy- in 1962 by Dino Gavina and Cesare Cassina, in 1964 the Gandini family took up the helm and transferred the company’s headquarters to the Brescia area. Right from the outset, Flos commissioned great masters of Italian design to work with the company, such as the Castiglioni brothers -Achille and Pier Giacomo- and Tobia Scarpa. One of the first experimental projects was cocoon, a plastic material made in the U.S. The aim was to create industrial archetypes and ground-breaking products, which soon went on to become design icons, like the Arco floor lamp.

Flos Lighting

In the late 1980s, the company began its exclusive collaboration with Philippe Starck, an emerging designer on the international scene, who introduced some revolutionary concepts for Italian design. Sergio Gandini’s son Piero was appointed CEO in 1996 and Chairman in 1999. He gave a strong impulse to internationalization and called on other great designers to work with him, including Antonio Citterio, Piero Lissoni, Jasper Morrison, Konstantin Grcic, Patricia Urquiola, Marcel Wanders, Ron Gilad, the Bouroullec brothers, Michael Anastassiades, Vincent Van Duysen, Nendo and Formafantasma.

The 1990s saw the development of the contract business area. In response to growing demand for specific solutions addressed to high profile custom lighting projects, the Light Contract division - currently Flos Bespoke- was established in 1996. 

In the 2000s, the architectural sector was given a strong boost by the acquisition of Antares, a Spanish company specialising in technical lighting in which Flos acquired a majority stake in 2005. This union of a Spanish manufacturer of professional lighting equipment and an Italian manufacturer of designer lamps for the residential market resulted in the Flos Architectural division, which successfully combines advanced, cutting-edge lighting technologies and unique poetic quality of light.

In November 2014, the entry of the European private equity fund Investindustrial into the Flos’ capital marked the start of a further period of industrial development and international expansion for the company, through both organic growth and selective acquisitions. Flos Group acquired an additional interest of Antares, thus taking its share to 100%. In June 2015, Flos acquired Italian architectural outdoor lighting company Ares. The Outdoor division thus became the Group’s fourth production unit, alongside the historical design, architectural and custom products sectors. In November of the same year Flos also acquired NYC-based Lukas Lighting, a company specializing in the design, development, and manufacturing of sophisticated custom lighting products. This move was aimed to give a strong boost to the Flos growth in the North American contract market.

In November 2018 Flos, together with B&B Italia, Louis Poulsen and Arclinea, joined The Design Holding, a project arisen from the partnership of investment firms Investindustrial and The Carlyle Group, representing the biggest global high-end interior design group with a European heritage. In June 2019, Roberta Silva was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Flos, to further strengthen the holding’s management teams and to contribute to the growth of the Group led by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Gabriele Del Torchio.

Flos is today the only company in the lighting field that is able to offer a complete range of fully integrated solutions. It exports to more than 90 countries worldwide and has single-brand stores in Rome, Milan, Paris, Lyon, New York and Stockholm. The brand’s creations have received numerous international awards and many of them are now featured in the permanent collections of leading international art and design museums.

Dress your Home with Light from some of the Best Italian Designers

Lighting is one of the most important elements of your design and it truly represents the peak of form and function. The shape of a lighting fixture determines how light is diffused through a room. This creates an atmosphere through the interplay of light and shadow and determines what stands out in your design and what blends into the background.

Good lighting is essential if you want to create a showstopping room with your decor. It should properly illuminate your space while adding a little touch of elegance that heightens the overall aesthetic.

If you really want to dress up your design, we recommend relying on the best when it comes to lighting. In almost every industry, Italian design sets the standard and lighting is another area where Italian designers have come to shine.

That’s why we highly recommend the following top Italian lighting companies:


Slamp is one of the most creative companies when it comes to lighting design. Their work often mirrors the natural world, but there’s no shortage of diversity when it comes to their company.

They started out with their signature tube lamp. Made from a unique and virtually unbreakable material, this lamp was a simple cylindrical tube that could be printed with any design. The lamp would illuminate the design from inside the tube and create a colourful glowing effect.

Since then, they’ve become one of the best-known names in Italian lighting. Their work often has a very modern feel with a touch of natural charm. You’ll find a lot of inspiration taken from the great outdoors with this company and their international team of world-renowned designers leaves ample room for inspiration.


Artemide is one of the original lighting design companies. Founded in the early 60s, their designs focus on seamless technology integrations that are intuitive without being overpowering. They take the science of lighting to an entirely new level with many of their products.

Their Cosmic Leaf lamp is a perfect example of just how inventive this company can be. The body of this lamp is shaped like a leaf and covered in a textured pattern that mimics the scales of a reptile. The lamp is illuminated from within and, when paired with the unique textured pattern, it creates a sea of light and shadow across the surface. It also refracts and diffuses the light throughout the room, creating a bright and clean glow without losing the ambience offered by shadowing.

This is only one example of how Artemide continues to dominate the lighting industry with their focus on science and technology. They’re also one of the first lighting companies to make the move towards sustainability in their products. This shows they have a true respect for the natural world that has inspired many of their designs.


Foscarini is all about emotion and passion. Their lighting seeks to evoke a feeling above all else, and they never forget that lighting sets the tone for a room. Their products are crafted to look amazing whether in use or not, and their designs can bring a whole new life to your room with the simple flip of a switch.

They have partnered with some of the biggest names in lighting design, including Marc Sadler. Their work almost always begins with a simple concept that’s explored in its complexity and realised in the finished product.

For instance, their Le Soleil series is an exploration of light diffusion and reflection through varying levels of thickness in materials. It has a modern look with alternating bands of light that create a rippled and cascading effect when illuminated.


If you’re looking for minimalist design, Flos should be your first choice. This company likes to strip away everything but the essentials in their products, and the result is still nothing short of extraordinary. Their products have a simple and understated sense of chic that’s all about the delicate balance between line, colour and shape.

The Gatto table lamp is one of their original designs and is reminiscent of a hot air balloon. It features a resin coating created specifically for the style and, when illuminated, the steel bonework of the interior shows through in graceful, arcing lines.

This captures the heart of what Flos is all about: excellence through simplicity. Their work often focuses on the bulb by using it as a feature in the design. Indeed, one could even look at the Gatto as a recreation of the original Halogen light bulb that pays homage to the very source of their lighting.

Italian Design is Known for Innovation

Italian design has come to dominate multiple industries and it really makes sense if you think about it. Italy is the birthplace of the Renaissance and design is written into the very fabric of their history. They continue to carry forward the spirit of the Renaissance with modern design by staying focused on what’s new without forgetting the foundations upon which they’re building.

If you want the best in terms of lighting, we suggest beginning with the original masters of lighting design. Take a moment to look through some of the products offered by the companies above and let that be your guide as you decorate your space. After all, there’s no better standard to measure by than the descendants of the world’s greatest movement in art and design.

Christopher Wray Welcomes Four New Italian Designers

At Christopher Wray, we’ve been innovators of fine lighting and furniture since 1964. Our reach and reputation extends far beyond the UK and we are proud to supply quality and timeless lighting pieces and furniture for interior and exterior design products.

We’re a company that’s dedicated to staying on top of the latest trends in the lighting industry and, as a result, we’re proud to welcome four new Italian brands to our collection of available products.

Introducing the Newest Brands Available from Christopher Wray

Our company is constantly on the lookout for amazing talent and stunning design. Christopher Wray is built on the strength of our partnerships. That’s why we’re excited to be able to provide the works of these amazing Italian lighting design companies to our clients.

Each of the following brands has a unique style coupled with truly artful craftsmanship:


Founded in 1994, Slamp is famous for their original Tube lamp. The lamps are made from an unbreakable composite of glass crystals and techno-polymers. Known as Opalflex, it is unique to the Slamp brand. The material was created by Roberto Ziliani, the founder of the company. The tube lamps can be printed with any kind of design, making them a truly versatile and beautiful product.

Since these beginnings, Slamp has moved into creating exquisite lighting that mirrors the natural world. While you can still purchase tube lamps in various sizes, there is a wealth of delicate and durable artistic lighting available from this company.


Artemide was founded in 1960 by Ernesto Gismondi and he still heads the company today. Their lamps have a minimalistic style and use science to provide extra functionality.

Not only is their lighting beautiful and versatile, it can be adjusted to provide optimal lighting according to the time of the day. One of their more unique products is a lamp that provides different colours of lighting and you can adjust the colours based on what mood or atmosphere you wish to create.

Artemide works with many seasoned designers to create beautiful lighting that goes a step beyond functionality. The minimalist and playful style allows your lighting to sink into the background while still adding to your overall decor.


Foscarini has partnered with top lighting designers for 35 years, and it shows in their amazing line of products. Rich colours, bold angles, and intergalactic inspirations make these lamps works of art all on their own.

In fact, Foscarini strives to create lighting that will inspire and delight even when it is not illuminated. Foscarini’s commitment to innovation, mastery, and craftsmanship comes through in their truly unique designs.

If you like classic designs with a modern twist, Foscarini may have something perfect for you. Lamps, wall lights, and overheads are all available; and all come in a unique and bold style that will add some real flair to your décor.  

Flos Lighting

When it comes to minimalist design, Flos is a master. Their aesthetic is based around the idea of removing everything necessary and working with the bare minimum. This leads to clean and functional designs that still manage to stop the show.

Whether it’s a delicate lamp with a clear base and cream-toned shade, or an intricate series of thin and interlocking circles; their lighting grabs attention without demanding it.

Founded in 1960, the company was named Flos after the Latin word for “flower”. Creativity flowers from humble beginnings, and Flos designs masterful works of art around a simple thing: the light bulb. And that is the inspiration behind the company’s name and minimal aesthetic.

Excellence is Built on Strong Partnerships

Christopher Wray is invested in helping you create the perfect environments for your living space. With our selection of fine furniture and lighting, you can create any vision and it is the quality of our products that sets us apart from other lighting designers in the UK.

Please feel free to contact us today and see if one of our newest Italian designers has crafted the perfect lighting accent for your favourite space.

Flos Lighting Creations are now Available at Christopher Wray

Christopher Wray is proud to be stocking creations from Flos Lighting. Flos is an Italian company with a focus on minimalist lighting design. Their philosophy is one of reduction, reducing both distraction from the world and also design complexity. Their aim is to provide designs with a minimalist appearance that helps to filter out the noise of daily life, creating a simple and pure atmosphere.

Their products reflect this philosophy, with individual designers producing work that provides high impact designs from the simplest of creations. They use deceptively complex technological tricks and high-quality manufacturing techniques to create their works.


Introducing Some of The Magic from the Flos Collection

The Superloon merges technological complexity with simplicity. This floor lamp consists of a tripod base, onto which is mounted a rotating stand containing a large flat disc. This disc contains a ring of edge lighting LEDs that provide a bright but diffused light as it is filtered through a silk screen. The disc can be rotated to face any direction, and a small optical sensor in the base allows the light to be switched to a warm mode, providing a more intimate light tone. While its design is modern and minimalist, the Superloon is a lamp with a lot of power and functionality.

A design with more going on than meets the eye is the Copycat. Two spheres make up this table lamp, one large light-emitting sphere just touching a much smaller golden one. In appearance, the Copycat almost resembles a star and a planet orbiting together. In an interesting twist of both technical and artistic design, it is the smaller sphere that is the heavier, allowing this seemingly precarious design a solid and stable base. The smaller sphere is made from machined aluminium coated in 24K gold, which provides a glorious lustre. A dimmer switch on the power cable allows for fine-tuning of the light.

Providing indirect lighting in style is the Hide wall light. An aluminium shelf with a secret, the Hide has LED lighting on its lower shelf that projects on to the upwards portion of this L-shaped light. Its design brings to mind inspiration and imagination, as it illuminates a room as though from a hidden passage within a bookshelf. Designs and small items can even be placed on the shelf to create interesting new plays of shadow and reflection.

One of the newest and most interesting designs from Flos is Arrangements. This 2018 suspension lighting design is actually a collection of smaller designs. Loops, squares, tear drops, and rods all share a common theme, with a bright outer rim and dark inner rim, paired with a slim and minimal overall design. They can all be purchased and used separately, but the true genius of their design is their ability to be connected. Loops can be placed within each other or suspended from squares.

Tear drops can hang from rods and support loops of their own. Each separate component is connected to the other both mechanically and electrically through an integrated system, and overall power is supplied by a ceiling rose with a customisable setup that includes multiple light levels and a 2.5m cable. The minimal design and impressive customisation of the Arrangements series truly sets them apart from other suspension lights.

Flos Lighting has a lot to offer any home, and at Christopher Wray we’re excited to share this collection with you.