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The 5 Most Important Interior Trends for Spring 2019

We all know that it’s been a pretty long and brutal winter and everyone is waiting for spring to bring some sunlight, warmth and cheer into our lives. It’s no coincidence that spring is the season that sees the most renovation and redecorating when compared to its 3 other seasonal compatriots; besides they don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing!


Spring is fresh, it smells good, it’s reinvigorating and it’s the time of the year where we at Christopher Wray are most excited to see what trends are really going to take off in a big way.

We attended a whole host of design events and shows last year and if the whispers are to be believed, these are the top design trends to keep an eye out for in spring:


  1.        Sustainability

There has been a palpable shift over to sustainable and eco-friendly designs over the last few years, but this year we really expect to see designers really getting stuck into it with their utmost creativity.

People are simply steering away from furniture and fixtures that are produced en-masse and are looking for quirky, personal, high quality and sustainable decorations for their homes.

2019 is going to see a new market of sophisticated household fixtures and furniture made from recycled and environmentally-friendly products that aren’t just good for the planet but also clean and elegantly designed for the modern home.


  1.        Darker kitchens

An interesting trend has reared its head over the last season and we have seen the search for black and navy blue kitchens expand dramatically.

Now don’t get us wrong, you shouldn’t make your whole kitchen a dark blue colour but select an aspect that you want to make pop; this could be your walls, floors, cabinets, frames or countertops. Blue is the new grey and we hope that it is here to stay.


  1.        Linear lights

There’s nothing that makes your house more of a home than lighting; luckily we’ve moved away from dull, overhead lighting into a much more exciting and sophisticated lighting era.

This year we are getting more and more requests for linear lighting that is effective whilst bringing an extra element of modern glamour to a home. Linear lighting such as the Abthorpe Range is one of our customer favourites.


  1.        Clashing colours and prints

We missed the years where bold patterns and prints were a thing; for very many years, the minimalist movement and modern sophisticated look seemed to shy away for anything too fun or overstated.

However, we are happy to report that colourful patterns and prints are definitely back for 2019. Whether you’re putting in outrageous wallpaper patterns, velvet cushions, or covering your couch in something bold and beautiful - you’re getting decorating on-trend this year.

However, remember that this also needs to come with some balance, as you don’t want to make your whole house patterned - select a few aspects of your home and furniture and boldify them up and they will light up the whole room.


  1.        Living Coral

There is absolutely no shying away from the fact that Living Coral is this year’s Belle of the Ball. Living Coral was recently named 2019’s Pantone Colour of the Year and this means we’re going to be seeing a whole lot of it.

It’s a bright, pinky-orange dusting of colour that manages to find the middle of the ground in being both understated and eye-catching. How you use it is going to impact the effect that it has on your home; as a wall colour it will pop with playfulness and give your home a bold look and on the other side of the spectrum, using just small pockets of it in a minimalist/modern home will just give you cheeky glances of warmth that bring everything together.

Get in contact with us if you’d like some more expert advice on interior decorating, or have a look at our extensive range of high-quality products from the world’s best designers.


Top Interior Design Trends 2019

When it comes to interior design, trends change often and this year is no different! With a focus on eco-friendly designs, natural elements, vintage lighting, minimalism and clean lines, there are so many ways to transform your home’s interior into an effortlessly beautiful space.


Use the New Year as a chance to overhaul your decor and bring your house back to life, starting with the trends we’ve compiled for you below.


Eco-friendly Designs and Natural Elements

With the current state of the planet and the importance of preserving the world we live in, it should come as no surprise that eco-friendly designs and natural elements are a big trend in interior design in 2019.

Sustainable and natural fabrics can be found just about everywhere in interior design, no matter the style. Upholstered furniture, cushions, throws, rugs, and tapestries are just a few available options. In addition to being better for the environment, these types of design elements can provide an escape from the modern world, as they’re peaceful and grounding.


Vintage Lighting

When it comes to lighting trends in 2019, vintage is making a comeback. This is particularly true of vintage pendants and sconces in copper and brass finishes.

Christopher Wray, experts in bespoke lighting fixtures and furniture in London, offer a great range of lighting that will brighten your space and provide an elegant touch to any space. Notably, Christopher Wray offers the Barattolo pendant collection, either in single suspension or with four lights across a bar, complete with vintage LED filament lamps and a lacquered metal structure.


There’s also the Diem single and double wall sconce with a choice between antique brass, polished nickel, and bronze for the finish and blown glass shade diffusers.


Distinct Colour Palettes

The colour tones chosen for your interior design can dramatically effect the impression and mood of a room. While some colour palettes are timeless, such as neutrals and greys, often such palettes can be built on or altered for a new and striking look.

That is the case this year for matte black, which is considered to be a great alternative to a grey colour palette. Another top colour palette for 2019 is rich earth tones, especially deep reds, oranges, and purples. Pastel colours are also in, so if you’re looking for a softer look, this might be it for you this year.


Minimalism and Clean Lines

Similar to the rising trend of eco-friendly designs is minimalism and clean lines. Minimalism reduces the clutter in your home and thus your environmental impact, while also being a stylish modern option that will open up your home.

Minimalism can help you to find items faster, as every item has its place. And clean lines go hand in hand with this style, giving a distinctive look, especially when paired with eye catching accents and finishes.


Accents and Finishes

An interior design trend that’s sure to make a big impression in 2019 is the use of accents and finishes. This trend can apply to furnishings as well as things like countertops and decor. When used in the right amounts, gold and brass make striking accents and finishes. Often paired with a neutral colour palette, accents and finishes can add an extra shine and a sense of luxury to a room.

This year, update your living area with some great interior design ideas and get with the trends. No matter the type of room you wish to freshen up, these trends in interior design—being quite flexible in nature and adaptable to different rooms—will help you to create a space that you and everyone who uses it will love.


Lighting Options: Subtle Versus Statement Makers

Lighting plays an important role in interior design. Not only is lighting practical, in that it can eliminate darkness so you can see, but it can also be used to give a certain mood or look to a room or space.

Knowing how you want to design a space is the first step in determining what sort of lighting the space needs. This is because the way lighting is used in a room can either be subtle or it can make a statement. Both of these lighting types are important in design, both individually and together, for several reasons.

Using a balance of both lighting types is a good idea because subtle and statement lighting offer different things and they can be layered for optimal effect. To understand how they work together, you need to know how they work individually.


Subtle Lighting

Simple yet refined, subtle lighting is the type of lighting you are likely to find away from the centre of the room. It is lighting that blends in with the wall or ceiling it is attached to, or the floor space it is set on. It is lighting that is focussed on emphasising or complementing other aspects in the room, such as furnishings, wall coverings, and even structural components of the house’s design.

Subtle lighting can include sconces, table and floor lamps, and even lights set into bookshelves or other furniture or items.

Our Volume bookshelf and wine rack is shaped like an elegant teardrop and has a light positioned at the tip to illuminate items placed on the shelves or rack. The lighting here is subtle, meant to draw attention to the beautiful craftsmanship of the piece but not overpower the room.

Likewise, our desk lamps—including the modern Datchet with its LED lighting, chrome metal detailing, and VA screen with clock and other features—are intended to illuminate a smaller, specific area to make working in a dark room a thing of the past.

In the end, subtle lighting is all about creating atmosphere in a quiet and background sort of way.


Statement Makers

Statement makers do just that: make statements. That doesn’t mean that they are the only lighting in a room, but they are intended to draw attention and give viewers a sense of awe. Statement makers are about being decorative as much as they are about lighting up a space.

Statement makers are usually central to a room. One of the main places you may see a statement maker—like a chandelier or one or more hanging shades—is suspended or hanging over a dining table. At the top of a staircase is another prominent area one may be positioned.

Hanging shades like Chime, which consists of one, three, five, or six slim glass tubes with partial satin matt finish to hide the light source, can be suspended from the ceiling. Corbel has four differently-sized domes that can also be hung from the ceiling. The domes come in a variety of elegant shades and finishes to best complement the space.

These lighting options are made with the intent to stand out, while also providing a light source.


Combing Subtle and Statement Lighting

As you have probably presumed by now, pairing subtle lighting with a statement maker can result in a well-lit room that looks great. The statement maker grabs attention and the subtle lighting fills out the less noticeable areas to make sure all that needs to be illuminated is.

With careful selection of different lighting options—and with careful placement of lights and furnishings—different moods and looks can be created.

London Is Lit Up With Huge Harry Potter Wands To Shed Light on JK Rowland's Charity

In June 1997 the world was introduced to, and fell in love with, a young orphan that lived in a small cupboard under the stairs. Almost immediately the Harry Potter books took the world by storm; children and adults all over the world queued for hours to get their hands on the Harry Potter books for years to come.

We all know the story: Mistreated by his family, Harry was whisked away to the wonderful wizarding world of Hogwarts and we were captivated by the delights and devastation that he encountered during his epic feud with “He who shall not be named”. During the books, Harry lost loved ones but most importantly found a family and friends that he would never have had the opportunity to if his circumstances had not changed.

Unfortunately, not all orphans get to experience the love that Harry found and it’s only through these books that many parentless children learned to escape their dire circumstances all over the world.

J.K Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, become deeply involved in charities and orphanages all over the world in order to try and improve their lives.

Lumos is a charity that she founded to set about the change in finding every child a loving home by 2050. The name Lumos is actually a light-giving spell in the Harry Potter books and Rowling used the name to shed light on the plight of orphans in institutions all over.

From October the 18th walkway between Millennium Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral, Peter’s Hill, will be given a “Wizarding World makeover” when nine massive wands are installed to increase publicity to the charity that is so close to Rowling’s heart.

Each wand will be 15ft, or over 4 metres tall, and will illuminate the walkway a month before the release of the eagerly anticipated second installation of the Fantastic Beasts movies. The wands belong to Newt Scamander and the bevvy of much-loved characters found in the movies and London residents can look forward to a little bit of magic making waves on their streets soon.

The installation, called Fantastic Beasts: Wizarding World Supports London, has been developed and created between Lumos as part of the famous City of London Arts Initiative for public art.

Josh Berger, president and managing director of Warner Bros Entertainment UK, Eire & Spain, and president of Harry Potter global franchise development, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Lumos on this landmark installation, which is sure to delight fans and the tens of thousands of commuters and tourists passing through Peter’s Hill each day.

London has played a huge role in the on-screen legacy of the Wizarding World, from King’s Cross Station to Millennium Bridge, not to mention the nearby Warner Bros Studios Leavesden – which has housed countless iconic sets across all 10 films and nearly two decades – providing a major boost to the UK film industry.”

Mr Berger added that the initiative “is emblematic of this unique relationship, celebrating the magic of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts here in London while raising awareness for the vital work being done by Lumos on behalf of some of the world’s most vulnerable children.”

This beautiful tribute is something that people all over the UK will flock to and is an amazing accolade to the books that have captured our imaginations for the past two decades.

More importantly, however, it highlights the struggles and injustices that orphans all over the world are facing and it gives them the hope that they too will be swept up into a world of magic, love, friendship and family.

The Many Benefits of Choosing a Professional Interior Designer vs. Doing a DIY Renovation

Remodelling or starting to decorate your home from scratch is never the easiest thing. It takes time, money and the vision to create something that you will love for many years ahead. With all this in mind, it’s little wonder that many people hire interior designers to decorate their dream home.

In this article we outline just some of the benefits of hiring a professional interior designer vs. doing it all by yourself.


Time is money

There are no two ways about it: time is money and redecorating or building your home is going to take time regardless of whether you go alone or use a professional interior decorator. The big question is: How much time do you have to spare?

When doing a DIY project, you’ll have to take a very hands-on approach and it’s likely that you and your partner/family will be doing all the hard work yourself. This can be incredibly time-consuming if you have a full-time job and have to rely on after hours or weekends to get the decorating done.

When you hire a professional interior designer, he/she will usually come with a whole team of hands. The added bonus is that interior decorating is their full-time job and this means while you have to leave for your daily employment, you know that they are at your home doing the work for you.



The factor that puts most people off hiring professional interior decorators is the cost factor and the truth of the matter is, that if you are looking purely at per hour pay then sure, professionals are going to cost you a whole lot more than taking a DIY approach.

However, what many people tend to forget are the connections that professionals bring with them when it comes to building or sourcing items. Most professionals have preferred suppliers that they work with and this often comes with special prices.

Instead of shopping around and spending hours finding the perfect lighting fixture and getting charged full price, interior decorators can save you time and money through their well-used suppliers.


Your vision

Your home is your special place and whether you are decorating a modern marvel or a quaint cottage, you are undoubtedly going to have visions of what you want your space to look like.

The right interior designer will listen to your vision and put a professional take on it. He/she will be able to recognise all of the issues that someone who’s not experienced in design would overlook.

From incorporating the perfect colour palate and blend of different styles to making sure your space is both stylish and practical, you can be sure that your vision will be brought to life in the best way possible.


Less stress

Not sure what kind of furniture would match your chosen wallpaper? Confused about which style of bath would look great with your new luxury vinyl tiles and bathroom lighting fixtures? It can be stressful knowing which elements of your design will complement one another.

Working with a professional interior designer will make the process of decorating your space much less stressful so you can enjoy seeing your dream space come together before your eyes.

Foscarini Is Fast Becoming One of the UK’s Best-Loved Lighting Brands

Lighting is one of the most basic elements of design and it represents a central point where style meets functionality. Lighting completely changes the way a room looks and feels by using the interplay between light and shadow. When you add in beautifully creative design, lighting becomes an artistic element that brings out the overall originality of the room it illuminates.

Foscarini is an Italian lighting design company that is known for their bold and innovative products. They wholeheartedly embrace the mastery that Italian design is known for throughout many industries.

Each lamp is carefully planned to create interplay of light and shadow that evokes emotion while providing the perfect levels of illumination necessary for different types of space. They’re quickly rising in popularity in the UK, and it’s all because of their commitment to artistry in the lighting industry.

Lamps Worthy of the Louvre

Foscarini has changed the way we view lighting for 30 years and counting. Their designs focus as much on the artistry of their overall product as on the quality of light each item produces. You’ll find stunning explorations of geometrics and natural shapes, as well as some truly imaginative feats of engineering.

Whether it’s their gravity-defying Twiggy lamp by Marc Sadler or the delicate Caboche ceiling and wall set by Urguiola and Gerotto, their pieces become the fine details that truly heighten the overall aesthetic of a space.

Their Caboche ceiling lamp actually reflects the appearance of the sun in a clear sky. The way light refracts across the spheres that compose the body of the piece creates delicate fractal patterns reminiscent of an Indian Mandala drawing. This attention to detail is what sets Foscarini lighting apart from other companies, relegating them to the realms of fine art as well as fine lighting.

Innovation Begins with the Bulb

The Mandala patterns created by the Caboche ceiling light are made possible by a combination of the overall structure of the piece and also Foscarini’s choice in lighting mechanics.

Everything is carefully planned so that the strength and quality of light matches and enhances the design of each product. That’s how Foscarini is able to create unique pieces that seamlessly integrate into a room. Fine art should only dominate a space when it’s meant to do so, after all.

The mechanics of lighting have shifted greatly over the years, and Foscarini has been keen to keep their creative vision current with new technologies. Their company began when the halogen bulb was still the mainstay in lighting fixtures. Today, the company continues to explore incandescents while also responding to the growing interest in LED lighting.

Production Comes Second to Concept

At Foscarini, everything they make is a way to give form to a concept. The Twiggy lamp by Marc Sadler began with an idea based around the way fishing boats are lighted along the helm. This basic concept grew into an exploration of weights and levers, finally resulting in the heavy head of the lamp gracefully extending from an impossibly thin base.

Their products are not designed according to ease of production. Instead, they’re constructed to give form to a concept. There is no shortage of concepts at Foscarini, either. The company works with a long list of impressive designers who are given creative license to fully explore their ideas. That’s why they continue to offer some of the most forward-thinking and truly innovative lighting products in the industry.

Emotion Sets the Tone

Lighting has always been an important feature in what kind of mood a room creates. Design increasingly weighs this factor in the creation of beautiful interior and exterior spaces. Foscarini values emotion above all else, citing this as a primary feature of good lighting design.

Their products are a practice in crafting experience, and that’s exactly why they’re quickly becoming one of the best-loved lighting brands in the UK.

From concept to the finished product, this company keeps a close eye on quality of design. Their products fully explore not only how lighting can change your life, but also what lighting can mean in terms of good design.

With their focus on innovation, emotion and artistry; this company will likely continue to dominate the industry for many years and we’re proud to stock some of the brand’s wonderful designs.

5 Designer Tips for Choosing A Statement Chandelier for a Dining Room

If your dining room is feeling a little empty, it might be time to flood that space with light! Not just any light, though. A chandelier is the best way to create a signature look for your dining room. It can be that one element that ties everything together or the standalone statement that makes your decor pop.

Your design tells a story about who you are and a well-chosen chandelier can be the plot twist that makes your guests sit up and take notice.

There are so many ways you can use a chandelier to enhance your design and you’re really only limited by your imagination. However, there are a few things you should know before you begin browsing for that perfect piece to complement your dining room.

1.  Choose a Style Based on the Experience You Want to Evoke

Have you ever noticed how different it feels to be in a well-designed room? The overall aesthetic of a space evokes different emotions and creates a general atmosphere. Many people will tell you to consider the design of your room when choosing a style for your chandelier, but we think it’s wise to focus on the atmosphere you’ll be creating.

If you have a classic aesthetic, for instance, you can add a little fun by contrasting your design with a contemporary style of chandelier. When you make the experience of your space the focal point, you’re no longer limited by style or design.

2.  Figure Out What Size You Prefer

There’s a general rule of thumb for Chandelier sizing: it should be three-quarters to one-half the size of your table or its diameter should be the sum total of the width and length of your room. That said; size doesn’t matter as much as style.

Instead of using size to create emphasis, look towards the overall shape of your chandelier. There are designs with a natural aesthetic that mirror the shape of branches and hug the ceiling, hanging pendants featuring simple lamps or complicated geometric shapes and even asterisk-shaped lights that look like a burst of stars. It all comes back to the story you want to tell and the atmosphere it will create.

3.  Consider How the Quality of Light will Affect Your Overall Room Design

When it comes to a chandelier, the kind of light it produces depends on the type of bulbs it will use as well as the overall shape of the fixture. You can purchase chandeliers that allow you to adjust light levels so you can set your ambience accordingly. So, when it comes right down to it, it’s more about how your chandelier spreads light through the room than brightness levels.

Domed chandeliers with internal lighting create a glow effect that diffuses light across a limited space. Branching chandeliers have more shadowing in their overall light effect and cause a wider glow.

The shape of your fixture determines what direction light travels so think about how you want to illuminate your space to bring out different elements of your design while creating the right atmosphere.

4.  The Chandelier is a Centrepiece, but What About the Accents?

If you’re really going for something that makes a statement, more can be better. Consider using multiple small chandeliers that complement one another or choose something larger and rely on track lighting as an accent.

There are endless opportunities here for design but it all comes back to the story you want your dining room to tell. Is it a place for family gathering, romantic dinners or the epicentre for entertaining among your group of friends? If it’s a little bit of everything, multiple lights allow you to blend styles and have far better control over light levels.

You can turn off the track lighting that’s sunk into your ceiling and rely on the romantic glow of your chandelier for those quiet dinners at home. When guests are over or your table becomes a place to work, you can turn up all the lights and illuminate the entire room. Mixing and matching is a great way to create a truly versatile space.

5.  Remember that Good Design Tells a Story

When it comes to design, it should always tell a story. That story is about who you are and how your space is used. The layout of your furniture and the style of your design aesthetic should all come together to reveal aspects of your personality.

A chandelier is the perfect way to make a statement with your design. Don’t make a choice based on what’s popular, trending or what fits neatly with the style of the room. A statement isn’t meant to go unnoticed so your new chandelier should stand out whilst complementing every other design element of your space.

Interior Design Trends That You'll Love In 2018
A year is a long time in interior design. For 2018, we have a whole host of new interior design trends to observe, admire, discuss, dismiss or embrace.