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2019 London Design Festival

London Design Festival – three words that are guaranteed to excite everyone on the Christopher Wray Lighting team. We love London. We love design. And we definitely love festivals.

If this is the first you're hearing about this festival, have no worries as we have all the information you need to become an expert on this particular event.


When is the festival on?

This year the London Design Festival will be held from Saturday 14 to Sunday 22 September. That's a whole 9 days, so however busy you may be, there should still be some room to fit this event into your schedule. Founded in 2003, the festival celebrates and endorses London as the design capital of the world and, 15 years later; attendance numbers hit a record-breaking 588,200 so it’s growing each year.

It's worth being aware that London is always a busy city, but during the London Design Festival it will be a whole lot busier. More than half a million visitors flood into the city from all corners of the globe, and that's in addition to the usual tourist crowds, shoppers, and city workers.

Planning your visit in advance is definitely a good idea!


Where is the festival held?

The London Design Festival takes place in London, England. Unlike many other festivals, this one doesn't have a single central venue. It's just an event that is held across the city, although the official zones or districts as devised by the LDF organisers are:

  • Bankside (South London on the banks of the Thames, from Borough Market to Oxo Tower Wharf).
  • Brompton (Brompton area, centred on Brompton Road. This road is a continuation of Fulham Road, and eventually fuses into Cromwell Road).
  • Clerkenwell (Historically famous area of the central North. Also known for being a centre of Anglo-Italian culture).
  • Fitzrovia (right in the heart of the city, Fitzrovia is where you'll find a lot of high-tech companies competing for attention).
  • Marylebone (a very old area of central London with many small shops, boutiques, and studios).
  • Mayfair (one of the largest and most upmarket design areas of London, made famous by being the most expensive property on a Monopoly board).
  • Pimlico Road (one of the smaller zones, but easy to find and traverse).
  • Regent St & St James's (big, popular, and famous, this district hardly needs an introduction).
  • Shoreditch (officially the "Shoreditch Design Triangle", it's in the East End of London).
  • Victoria (officially the "Victoria Connections Design District", it's an area that mostly caters to the business community).
  • West Kensington (a very arty district, centred on the Olympia building).


We hope you enjoy the show

We are really thrilled that the London Design Festival is going to be a hugely popular event once again this year and we look forward to the buzz that it creates.

Christopher Wray Lighting has always been a pivotal figure for lighting design in London and we are constantly innovating and devising new ways to light up your life so take some time to check out some of our bespoke designs. We’re proud to play such a big part in London’s design scene and it’s festivals like this that allows designers like Christopher to promote and showcase their creativity.