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Lighting Choices to Suit a Modern Décor

The modern era tends toward minimalism and simplicity. In earlier times, people favoured sophisticated designs that were highly decorative and complex. Both styles have their respective merits, but one thing that can be said in favour of the modern design style is that cleaning and maintenance are usually much easier tasks to accomplish.

In this article we'll look at some of the choices from the Christopher Wray collection that will help you achieve better lighting results to complement a modern décor.

"Aglio" Chandelier Pendant

This modern chandelier pendant design combines all-round light diffusion with soft downlighting to create a nice comfortable atmosphere.

It's ideal for work or study areas, and could also be good for the living room or even the dining room.

The clear crystal glass features soft ribs or ridges around the exterior, which helps to more effectively diffuse the light without scattering it or casting ugly shadows.

For a simple light that doesn't sacrifice anything in the way of elegance, Aglio fits the bill. 

"Alderbury" Hanging Light Strip

Some of the best modern designs are influenced by the classic styles, and Alderbury is no exception.

Designed as a row of three downlights supported by a cleverly engineered suspension system, this light strip is as ideal in the workplace as it is in the home.

Use it in any place where you need effective, focused downlighting. With good lighting you can be more productive and will be less likely to make errors.

As shown in the picture above, the lights are fantastic to use over an office desk, but are equally at home in the kitchen, or at a workbench.

The central arch that supports the main bar is the key to the strength of this design. The downward force is distributed evenly, allowing a wide base to be supported from a smaller central mounting area.

"Alumino" Hanging Light Strip

 Here is another very simple light strip that would be excellent to use in a home office. This design could also be effective in a shop such as a jewellers, an art gallery, or even a museum. Anywhere, in fact, that you'd like to show off whatever is placed under it as an exhibit.

For the office setting, Alumino provides simple direct focused task lighting with protection against glare. There is ample light emission at full power, and you can also add a dimmer switch to adjust the output according to your needs at any given time.


"Asteroid" Chandelier Pendant

Make your artistic statement with the Asteroid chandelier design from Christopher Wray.

Perhaps it's a bit ironic that this would also be a great choice for a retro 70s style café. Add a Galaga machine in the background, and it will take you right back to those dreams of the 21st century.

Well, not everyone owns a flying car or a personal jet pack yet, but fortunately you can buy yourself an Asteroid chandelier just by visiting Christopher Wray Lighting in London. At least one of those dreams of a better future can be fulfilled today.

"Bellatrix" Hanging Light Strip

Owning something like the Hope Diamond is not a realistic goal for most people, but the Bellatrix hanging light strip with the beautiful "diamond cut" Swarovski crystal can help satisfy your craving for a sophisticated modern lighting scheme.

It makes an especially strong statement in the Board Room, with its suggestion of class.


"Cabildo" Suspension Lamp

A simple eye-shaped lamp made from painted die-cast aluminium, the Cabildo suspension lamp will look great in such a wide range of different settings. It's ideal for home use, but could easily also be used for lighting a commercial exhibit or artistic display.

"Chevreaux" Suspension Lamp

One of the more stunning pieces in the Christopher Wray collection – and that's really saying something – is the Chevreaux suspension lamp. This one is very different from the typical hanging lamp design. If you like modern design with a futuristic twist, look no further than Chevreaux.

This design is inspired by the famous Möbius band, discovered by German mathematicians in 1858.

The properties of this band make it something of a physical conundrum. Every object that exists in our three dimensional universe should have at least two sides, but with the Möbius band it is practically impossible to determine one side from the other, even though we know logically both sides must exist.

"Connesso" Suspension Lamp

The Connesso lamp has similarities in design to the Chevreaux, but it is much larger and a bit less "illusiony".

This is another design that would be a great addition to the Board Room, as it conveys a certain aura of strength and power. It would be perfect in the Board Room of a bank or investment house, for example.

It looks far heavier than it actually is, so you need have no fears of it falling if it is installed properly.

"Denzey" Chandelier Pendant

The charm of the Denzey design is in the way it gives off such a warm and cosy look, which is unusual for a modern lighting design.

This makes it ideal for use in living room or bedroom, though it's also suited to large open shared spaces in commercial environments such as bookshops, cafés, or communal areas in schools and colleges. The picture makes it look almost like it is made from paper, but actually it is a solid wood construction with a pyrex glass core, so it is very strong and safe.

You can complement this light with some matching table lamps that are also available from our London shop.

This concludes the first instalment in our series on modern lighting design innovations. As always, we hope it was an illuminating read, and thank you for joining us on our journey through some of the standouts among more than 1200 lighting choices provided at Christopher Wray Lighting.