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5 Tips for Easy Outdoor Entertaining this Summer

Sunny days and warm weather call for fun get-togethers with your friends and family. Entertaining outdoors when the weather is at its best can be the ideal way to bring people together. However, it does call for some strategic planning to ensure you’re making the event, and the space, as inviting as possible for your guests.


Attention to detail can help make your get-together all that much more successful and enjoyable. Below, we’ve compiled a few quick tips for easy outdoor entertaining - read on and start making plans!


  1. Have Comfortable Seating

A huge factor to consider when you want your guests to mingle happily is the fact that you’ll want to provide them with comfortable and strategically placed seating. Your guests will feel at home if there is enough seating for them to kick-back, relax, and stick around for hours.

This also creates an inviting and casual ambience, which helps when people are coming to your home for the very first time. The more comfortable they feel, the more likely everyone will come out of their shell and focus on having a good time.


  1. Make Beverages Accessible

Whether you are planning on entertaining during the day or during the evening, your guests will need to be hydrated. The warm evenings can take its toll on people who are lounging around outside, so ensuring you have enough beverages on-hand will keep everyone happy and refreshed.

It’s also important that you provide a variety of beverages so that you have something for everyone’s tastes, from water to punch!


  1. Focus on Lighting

When entertaining during the evening, you’ll want to pay special attention to the lighting. This truly sets the tone for your get-together by creating a cosy ambience and an inviting atmosphere. The designers here at Christopher Wray can help you find the perfect exterior lighting fixtures for your outdoor event, so that you are creating a captivating atmosphere.


Whether you are looking for luxurious outdoor chandelier lighting or special outdoor wall lighting, designers like Christopher Wray can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. You can also complement artificial light with the natural light of a fire to achieve a really cozy feel.


  1. Keep Bugs Away

We couldn’t forget the nasty summer pests we all love, could we? It’s inevitable that any outdoor get-together will include the attendance of flies and bugs. You will want to keep these bugs at bay in order to ensure your guests aren’t spending the majority of their time swatting them away.


As a solution to this problem, you can use citronella candles to repel flies and bugs. On the plus side, these candles can also serve to complement your outdoor lighting in the evening.


  1. Include Games!

What better way to add a bit of fun to your party than with a few games? You don’t have to plan anything elaborate, but a few board games out in the open can be enough to bring a little bit of casual fun to your event.

You might want to start a fun game of bocce ball for those who want to be a little more active. Ultimately, a game can serve as a great ice-breaker which is essential if your guests haven’t met each other prior.

Entertaining outdoors in the summer can be fun, just as long as you plan it right and keep the comfort of your guests in mind. The key to a great get-together is to focus on the beautiful weather and on having a good time. Be sure to use our quick tips for a successful, and fun, summer event.