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Style Inspiration from some of the Best Modern Luxury Penthouses in the World

Penthouses worldwide are setting the gold standard when it comes to luxurious interior design.

Expert interior designers work from virtually no budget and limitless options. So, when absolutely anything is possible, what are these city high rollers choosing for their homes?

From New York to London, one thing is certain: penthouse owners want to make a statement. Below, we’ll give you a tour of some important modern interior design trends from these imaginative and inspiring spaces.


  1.        Nature. – Natural elements are taking centre stage as more urban dwellers crave fresh air and soft earth. Hand in hand with trends like wellness and eco-friendly living, green is finding its way into every corner of penthouse homes. On the walls, we’re seeing botanical wallpaper, exposed wood in light and dark shades and forest-inspired artwork.

    Green is featured in upholstery, with velvet couches in shades of emerald, pine, moss and sage.  Seeking to be more connected with nature, penthouse owners are also installing rooftop vegetable and herb gardens, cascade showers, biometric lights and rainfall recycling systems. 
  2.        Ornate Fixtures. Every penthouse needs a little sparkle, and where better to get that subtle shimmer than from real precious metals? Grand light fixtures shine in impressive metallics like silver, gold and platinum.

    Modern and mid-century chandeliers are no longer for ballrooms and entryways. Nowadays, penthouse owners are also hanging extravagant lights in the master bedroom and over the kitchen breakfast bar.
  3.        Minimalism. Penthouses are naturally spacious, but even more so when the interior design is simply done. Clean lines and low-key, high-functioning furniture and fixtures offer a respite from the clutter of urban living.

    Neutral tones are key to minimalism, along with muted, warm shades and subtle stripes. An emphasis on clean lines and modern comforts complete this relaxing mood. 
  4.        Handmade and Custom. Penthouse owners want to set themselves apart and make an impression with handmade and custom pieces. From custom-designed furniture to hand-painted ceramics, people are choosing items that express their individuality and refined taste.

  5.        Rich Palettes. The sweeping interiors of penthouse homes offer surprises around every corner. Vibrant colours on walls and upholstery make a space look plush and impressive. Classic jewels tones like emerald green, azure and amethyst are being selected, as well as ‘new neutrals’ like gold, navy, heart wood, burnt orange, blush pink, iced coffee, peach and paprika.

    In grey scales, you’ll see stark whites and onyx. Mixing these colours in offbeat combinations is balanced by rich exposed wood, granite and marble. 
  1.        Textured Walls. The rules no longer apply when it comes to penthouse walls. From detailed plaster, textured mirrors and custom vinyl wallpaper, to walls incorporating silk and linen. Mixing and matching finishes thoughtfully makes a space dynamic.

    Even the ‘fifth wall’-- the ceiling -- is fair game when it comes to interior design for penthouses. Penthouse ceilings today are featuring tile patterns and hand-painted murals.
  2.        Spectacular Views. Nothing says luxury like the breath-taking views from a penthouse skyscraper. Floor-to-ceiling windows and glass walls combine with high ceilings for a striking effect, offering amazing and serene views of the cityscape and coastline. Interior designers design against this backdrop of the city, utilising the abundance of natural light.
  3.        Traditional and Classic. Many sleek modern penthouses are choosing a simpler, classic look. With rich wood floors and high-quality brown leather furniture, these penthouses are comfortable and luxurious without being overbearing.

    Look for mixed era antiques and traditional florals like Chintz.