Choosing the Perfect Chandelier to Compliment Your Bedroom

Chandeliers are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room, and the bedroom is a perfect candidate for upgrading in this way.

Getting the right chandelier for your room is very important, because in the bedroom more than any other, the reaction you want is "Wow", not "Whoa".

Here are a few tips to choosing the perfect chandelier:

1.       Choose something appropriate for the décor

This is fairly obvious, but you'd be surprised how often people make mistakes. If your bedroom furnishings are antiques, you need to ensure your chandelier design (and other lighting) is suitably retro to match.

If you have more modern or even futuristic styles of furniture, you'll want more contemporary designs in your lighting fixtures.

Beautiful chandeliers in both retro and contemporary styles are available from Christopher Wray Lighting.

2.       Choose the right size

The right size for a chandelier is measured relative to the size of the room. The larger the room is, the larger your chandelier should be. Putting an overly large chandelier in a small room will not look right.

Another factor you'll need to think about with chandeliers is how far down from the ceiling they'll extend. Higher ceilings provide you with more options.

Deciding the size you need involves measuring the room and getting a sense of perspective. Remember the idea here is that the light should be complementary, not overpowering.

3.       Choose the right intensity

As just stated, the point is to improve the ambient lighting without spoiling the ambience. A bedroom is no place for harsh lighting which is, in fact, why chandeliers can be such a good bedroom investment.

Chandeliers with many low intensity bulbs are generally going to give better results than something with fewer and higher intensity.

Choosing a chandelier that is compatible with a dimmer switch can also be a good idea, as it will allow you to vary the intensity of the lighting to suit the mood and your lighting needs.

4.       Choose the right placement

It could be tempting to place the chandelier right above the bed, but except in a very small room, that probably won't be the best placement option.

In a standard cube shaped room, central placement is generally best, while in an oddly shaped room, you should aim for placement in the centre of the largest area span.

If you do place a chandelier directly above (or in the vicinity of) the bed, you'll need to ensure more height clearance.

Think also about tall objects in the room, and those that may be likely to cast shadows.

5.       Final thoughts

Putting all these things together will help you choose an appropriate chandelier for your bedroom. Of all the criteria, the most important one is the first. Choosing a chandelier that matches your décor is going to make it much more aesthetically pleasing than if there's a mismatch.

From there the right size, intensity and placement help to enhance the effect, but they all count for nothing if your lighting choices are not in tune with the room décor.


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