Christopher Wray is Proud to Offer Designs from one of the World’s Leaders in Lighting Design; Foscarini

Italian design has long been synonymous with style, elegance, and innovation. Christopher Wray is proud to announce the arrival of lighting designs by the celebrated Italian company Foscarini. Foscarini has a long history of being at the forefront of art and design, with a blend of avant-garde Italian design and technical know-how.

Foscarini was founded in Venice in 1981, giving them over 37 years experience in the field of lighting design. They quickly began pairing with designers to create new and innovative designs, and over the next few decades kept abreast and even ahead of new trends in interior design and fashion.

Their design philosophy is focussed on passion and creation, bringing new designs into the world through mastery of both traditional manufacturing techniques and technology.

One of the first great designs of Foscarini has recently been reimagined and re-released to celebrate 25 years since its first appearance: the Lumiere 25th.

This lamp features a dark glass top mounted on sinuous silver tripod legs. The large round glass top hides a secret: through the combination of design and technology, the glass that makes the top is half mirrored.

While almost black in appearance when the bulb is unlit, when turned on the lamp reveals a hidden chamber with the bulb at its centre. The resulting display is almost organic in nature, a technological creature frozen in time. The half-mirrored glass allows for an indirect and smoky light from the sides of the lamp, and bright direct light below.

Foscarini has a wide range of designs, with looks to suit anyone’s home. The Dolmen is a refined and minimalistic suspension light design consisting of a thin rectangular board of either bronze or aluminium, into which four white light discs are set.

The design is smooth and minimal, with no raised edges or ridges. The whole light is suspended by wires at its corners, and its slim profile allows it to blend seamlessly into a room.

The Big Bang is a single hanging light mounted in a chaotic merger of geometric planes. The Big Bang looks impossible, like an object from another universe passing through ours. Its vivacity can capture the attention and the interplay of light, and shadow across its surfaces provide a bold and artistic style that can either dominate a room or merge with similar ultramodern pieces.

The Satellite is a small table lamp with a simple yet intriguing design. A glass bell jar is mounted on a small base, much like a vacuum chamber. Inside, at the very top of the glass, is a large white orb with a cord that hangs dynamically from it.

This creates a visual effect much like a balloon trapped in a jar, and overall makes the lamp appear as though the moon has been bottled. This simple design has a striking and unique look, while retaining a minimalist sensibility.

All designs by Foscarini carry forward the company’s vision of light as creation, and the creation of light as art. With styles from minimalist to avant-garde ultramodern, any home can benefit from the lighting solutions Foscarini offer and we’re proud to bring some of their best designs to our customers.