Christopher Wray Welcomes Four New Italian Designers

At Christopher Wray, we’ve been innovators of fine lighting and furniture since 1964. Our reach and reputation extends far beyond the UK and we are proud to supply quality and timeless lighting pieces and furniture for interior and exterior design products.

We’re a company that’s dedicated to staying on top of the latest trends in the lighting industry and, as a result, we’re proud to welcome four new Italian brands to our collection of available products.

Introducing the Newest Brands Available from Christopher Wray

Our company is constantly on the lookout for amazing talent and stunning design. Christopher Wray is built on the strength of our partnerships. That’s why we’re excited to be able to provide the works of these amazing Italian lighting design companies to our clients.

Each of the following brands has a unique style coupled with truly artful craftsmanship:


Founded in 1994, Slamp is famous for their original Tube lamp. The lamps are made from an unbreakable composite of glass crystals and techno-polymers. Known as Opalflex, it is unique to the Slamp brand. The material was created by Roberto Ziliani, the founder of the company. The tube lamps can be printed with any kind of design, making them a truly versatile and beautiful product.

Since these beginnings, Slamp has moved into creating exquisite lighting that mirrors the natural world. While you can still purchase tube lamps in various sizes, there is a wealth of delicate and durable artistic lighting available from this company.


Artemide was founded in 1960 by Ernesto Gismondi and he still heads the company today. Their lamps have a minimalistic style and use science to provide extra functionality.

Not only is their lighting beautiful and versatile, it can be adjusted to provide optimal lighting according to the time of the day. One of their more unique products is a lamp that provides different colours of lighting and you can adjust the colours based on what mood or atmosphere you wish to create.

Artemide works with many seasoned designers to create beautiful lighting that goes a step beyond functionality. The minimalist and playful style allows your lighting to sink into the background while still adding to your overall decor.


Foscarini has partnered with top lighting designers for 35 years, and it shows in their amazing line of products. Rich colours, bold angles, and intergalactic inspirations make these lamps works of art all on their own.

In fact, Foscarini strives to create lighting that will inspire and delight even when it is not illuminated. Foscarini’s commitment to innovation, mastery, and craftsmanship comes through in their truly unique designs.

If you like classic designs with a modern twist, Foscarini may have something perfect for you. Lamps, wall lights, and overheads are all available; and all come in a unique and bold style that will add some real flair to your décor.  

Flos Lighting

When it comes to minimalist design, Flos is a master. Their aesthetic is based around the idea of removing everything necessary and working with the bare minimum. This leads to clean and functional designs that still manage to stop the show.

Whether it’s a delicate lamp with a clear base and cream-toned shade, or an intricate series of thin and interlocking circles; their lighting grabs attention without demanding it.

Founded in 1960, the company was named Flos after the Latin word for “flower”. Creativity flowers from humble beginnings, and Flos designs masterful works of art around a simple thing: the light bulb. And that is the inspiration behind the company’s name and minimal aesthetic.

Excellence is Built on Strong Partnerships

Christopher Wray is invested in helping you create the perfect environments for your living space. With our selection of fine furniture and lighting, you can create any vision and it is the quality of our products that sets us apart from other lighting designers in the UK.

Please feel free to contact us today and see if one of our newest Italian designers has crafted the perfect lighting accent for your favourite space.