Designer Tips for Decorating with Table Lamps

Lighting is surely one of the most beautiful aspects of any room or home. It can brighten up a space, add a touch of charm and it can create an ambience that makes your home inviting.

Decorative table lamps add a special touch to any home and can be seen as pieces of art as well as brilliant ways of adding just the right amount of light.



Read on to discover a few quick designer tips for decorating with table lamps and how you can make the best use of these fantastic home accessories.


1.       Give Attention to Accent Colours

If you’re going with a table lamp that has a vibrant accent colour as its base, you will want to ensure you are tying things together in that room with other accessories of the same colour. Try adding a few throw pillows with the same colour on your sofa or perhaps you can add a piece of artwork on one of your walls that complements the colour well.

Using the same shades will create a cohesive look to your room and ensure that you are using a colour palette that is well-suited for the space. Accent colours are great ways of creating a theme for your decor or simply evoking the vibe you are trying to achieve.


2.       Never Make the Bulb Visible

Have you ever sat on a sofa and have had the jarring sting of a light bulb ruin the ambience? Unfortunately, many people forget that the table lamp should create a cosy feel and not just be used for the purposes of giving off good light. When you choose your lamp, be sure that the bottom of the shade is at eye level when you’re seated.



The talented lighting experts here at Christopher Wray can help you find the perfect table lamp for your specific needs. They can take the appropriate measurements, have a look at the dimensions of your room, and recommend the right table lamp for you.


3.       Get Random

Table lamps with different bases can look great in the same room. This gives an eclectic feel to the space. However, you will want to unify them all by giving them the same shade. Although you want to get random with the bases, you will still want the look to make sense from an aesthetic standpoint, and giving the same shade makes the whole look cohesive. In this case, you can really get creative!


4.       Spacing Matters

If you’re placing more than one lamp on the same table, you’ll want to be sure to leave about 2 feet between them. If they are placed too closely together, they will look clumped and messy, which might not be the best look. So keep the spacing of your table lamps in mind when you’re placing them close together.


5.       Shading is Key

When you’re decorating a room with table lamps, you want to be sure that you are paying close attention to just how dark the room is. If you’re lighting a dark room, then you can pick a lighter or translucent shade so that the lamp gives off more light. In this case, the actual light given by the table lamp is key. 

If you’re lighting up an already bright room, you can go with a darker shade and pay more attention to the look of the base and how it suits the decor.

Table lamps serve as a fantastic way to add a little bit of charm to any room. By strategically placing these lamps you can really bring out the life of a room and create a specific look for your chosen space.