Downlighters are best used in interconnecting spaces and at door entrances (or, indeed, exits). They are one of the most economical lighting choices, with some even being able to work with LEDs.

The important thing with downlighters is to use them sensibly. The light they produce can be quite intense, and there is a risk of making your living room look like a convention centre if you use too many. Of course if you are designing a convention centre, downlighters are absolutely ideal.

Placing downlighters strategically allows you to draw light to particular areas in a room. This is good if you want to highlight some feature, item of furniture, or artwork.

For precise control, consider having each downlighter operated by an individual switch. This can slightly increase the installation cost, but the benefits more than outweigh this additional cost.

One clever idea is to arrange downlights in a grid across the entire ceiling and have the switches arranged on a corresponding grid. This way you can create a very controlled lighting environment, and even apply special effects to your lighting. To be really elaborate, add dimmer switches for the ultimate level of control.

Some downlighter designs can be inelegant and impersonal, which is why Christopher Wray has intentionally addressed this problem by creating a range of very pleasing and elegant downlighter solutions.

No longer do downlighters have to be boring. Thanks to the innovation in downlighter design by Christopher Wray, the humble downlighter won't necessarily be so humble. These designs are classy and practical, with some even being omnidirectional.

See the full range of downlighters in our online catalogue, or visit our shop at 599 King's Road, Fulham. For unbiased and professional advice on your lighting plans, talk to a Christopher Wray lighting consultant. Our friendly team are experts in lighting and interior decoration, and they'll be only too happy to assist you.

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Decorative recessed ceiling downlighter formed in cast brass and available in a choice of three metal finishes.


Classic-chic iced clear and patterned Murano glass, medium sized ceiling downlight with gold metal parts.


Elegant but chic mains halogen (dimmable) recessed ceiling light and lamp series realised using clear cut crystal in the form of a cut diamond encased by a chromed metal frame. Matching ceiling suspensions in selection of sizes available as well as table lamp, wall light and floor lamp also exists in the family. (Not dimmable) Cutout is 10cm and inner recessed depth is 5cm. This item is designed as mains GU10 lamps only.


Recessed ceiling downlight, solid brass and as featured Gold plated. Also available in french gold and antique brass finish options. Price varies according to finish selected, please check.


Gold plated solid brass recessed downlight. (Ballast and bulb not included).


Modern lighting collection featuring ceiling suspensions, wall light, single suspensions and flush ceiling lamps. Feature Bell shaped diffusers in painted wrinkled white effects on the outer surface and options of white interior or gold interior. Large 10 light suspension is particularly useful in situations such as over dining tables, stairlwells, entrances or large living spaces where minimal feature lamp is required. Single suspension is available in two sizes and all fixtures feature white cloth covered cable which is adjustable.


Decorative brass recessed ceiling light in french gold finish. (cut out width is 65mm and the internal height of the unit is 30mm)


Classic-chic clear and gold petal design Murano glass medium ceiling downlight with gold parts.


Chic surface mounted ceiling downlight, with shiny chrome metal and Swarovski cut crystal detail. Light source is 1 x 3watt LED lamp. Manufactured by Zonca.


Murano glass recessed downlighter, patterned glass in options frosted-satin or clear and with choice of gold or chrome metal detail. Illuminated via 40watt maximum R50 mains lamp. External height is 3cm and width 22cm. Recess height is 10cm and cut-out 7cm.


Adjustable recessed ceiling down light, as featured in french gold finish. Also available in shiny gold plated and antique brass, prices vary according to finish selected.


Swarovski crystal dome shaped recessed deiling down light. Realised using diamond cut inspired crystal dome with offers indirect ceiling wash lighting effects, with chrome metal parts. Illumination is suppled via 1 x 35w maximum eco halogen GU5,3 which is not supplied. Optional 30w R39 lamp can be ordered on request and priced accordingly.