Dress your Home with Light from some of the Best Italian Designers

Lighting is one of the most important elements of your design and it truly represents the peak of form and function. The shape of a lighting fixture determines how light is diffused through a room. This creates an atmosphere through the interplay of light and shadow and determines what stands out in your design and what blends into the background.

Good lighting is essential if you want to create a showstopping room with your decor. It should properly illuminate your space while adding a little touch of elegance that heightens the overall aesthetic.

If you really want to dress up your design, we recommend relying on the best when it comes to lighting. In almost every industry, Italian design sets the standard and lighting is another area where Italian designers have come to shine.

That’s why we highly recommend the following top Italian lighting companies:


Slamp is one of the most creative companies when it comes to lighting design. Their work often mirrors the natural world, but there’s no shortage of diversity when it comes to their company.

They started out with their signature tube lamp. Made from a unique and virtually unbreakable material, this lamp was a simple cylindrical tube that could be printed with any design. The lamp would illuminate the design from inside the tube and create a colourful glowing effect.

Since then, they’ve become one of the best-known names in Italian lighting. Their work often has a very modern feel with a touch of natural charm. You’ll find a lot of inspiration taken from the great outdoors with this company and their international team of world-renowned designers leaves ample room for inspiration.


Artemide is one of the original lighting design companies. Founded in the early 60s, their designs focus on seamless technology integrations that are intuitive without being overpowering. They take the science of lighting to an entirely new level with many of their products.

Their Cosmic Leaf lamp is a perfect example of just how inventive this company can be. The body of this lamp is shaped like a leaf and covered in a textured pattern that mimics the scales of a reptile. The lamp is illuminated from within and, when paired with the unique textured pattern, it creates a sea of light and shadow across the surface. It also refracts and diffuses the light throughout the room, creating a bright and clean glow without losing the ambience offered by shadowing.

This is only one example of how Artemide continues to dominate the lighting industry with their focus on science and technology. They’re also one of the first lighting companies to make the move towards sustainability in their products. This shows they have a true respect for the natural world that has inspired many of their designs.


Foscarini is all about emotion and passion. Their lighting seeks to evoke a feeling above all else, and they never forget that lighting sets the tone for a room. Their products are crafted to look amazing whether in use or not, and their designs can bring a whole new life to your room with the simple flip of a switch.

They have partnered with some of the biggest names in lighting design, including Marc Sadler. Their work almost always begins with a simple concept that’s explored in its complexity and realised in the finished product.

For instance, their Le Soleil series is an exploration of light diffusion and reflection through varying levels of thickness in materials. It has a modern look with alternating bands of light that create a rippled and cascading effect when illuminated.


If you’re looking for minimalist design, Flos should be your first choice. This company likes to strip away everything but the essentials in their products, and the result is still nothing short of extraordinary. Their products have a simple and understated sense of chic that’s all about the delicate balance between line, colour and shape.

The Gatto table lamp is one of their original designs and is reminiscent of a hot air balloon. It features a resin coating created specifically for the style and, when illuminated, the steel bonework of the interior shows through in graceful, arcing lines.

This captures the heart of what Flos is all about: excellence through simplicity. Their work often focuses on the bulb by using it as a feature in the design. Indeed, one could even look at the Gatto as a recreation of the original Halogen light bulb that pays homage to the very source of their lighting.

Italian Design is Known for Innovation

Italian design has come to dominate multiple industries and it really makes sense if you think about it. Italy is the birthplace of the Renaissance and design is written into the very fabric of their history. They continue to carry forward the spirit of the Renaissance with modern design by staying focused on what’s new without forgetting the foundations upon which they’re building.

If you want the best in terms of lighting, we suggest beginning with the original masters of lighting design. Take a moment to look through some of the products offered by the companies above and let that be your guide as you decorate your space. After all, there’s no better standard to measure by than the descendants of the world’s greatest movement in art and design.