Explore the Many Facets of Exterior Home Lighting

Every room in your home is important, but what about the room outside your home? Your exterior spaces are an extension of your interior and they should be treated with the very same care and attention when it comes to decorating. With the right choices in decor, you’ll create a seamless integration between the two spaces and your home’s exterior and interior will have a much more cohesive atmosphere.

Lighting is essential for both the comfort of your outdoor spaces and their ability to mimic the same artistic harmony of your interior decorating. It is, therefore, one of the most important aspects to get right when it comes to designing your outdoor space.

On that note; let’s explore the many facets of exterior home lighting.

Using Outdoor Lighting to Create an Atmosphere

As the sun sets, your lights become the functional element that allows you to see and the level of lighting you choose for your outdoors will determine what you’re able to do in each space. It also determines how you feel about being in that space so it’s important to choose different types of lighting for different areas, matching the style and level of light that you need for the space to be functional.

No matter what lighting you choose, it should be beautifully designed whether illuminated or not. You want your spaces to look great whether it’s day or night, so choose lighting that looks good whether or not it’s being used. The Abruzzo period style lantern collection is a perfect example.


Let Path Lights Guide the Way

Path lights are generally small and fit neatly into the ground or along fence posts. They’re made to illuminate pathways through your yard or along your fencing, but you can also use them to mark out the edges of ponds and pools as an added safety feature. They’re lovely additions along garden walks, and they’ll keep guests from trampling on your prized flowers!

Another great use for path lighting is to illuminate the walk up to your entryways. Be sure to place lighting in a uniform pattern and use additional lighting to draw focus towards featured design elements. This really increases the impact your entrance has as people arrive at your home and it’s a wonderful way to make your main entrance feel welcoming and inviting.

Our Gnome modern exterior wall light and miniature floor lamp collection can be used as a modern and stylish alternative to traditional path lights. They have been designed on the concept of a Garden Gnome and the frame is finished in white high resistant paint for maximum outdoor protection.

Illuminate Your Favourite Focal Points and Features

You’ve put time into designing your perfect outdoor space and that deserves a spotlight! If you have statuary, topiaries or other impressive design features you can use path lights and spotlights to draw attention to them. One way to really make things stand out is to use path lighting around your home, but choose a light with a contrasting and more understated design to draw attention to various features. Our Gnome exterior light would be ideal for this.

Additionally, your path lighting and features lighting should radiate different types of light. Path lighting should provide a soft glow that creates a cone of light. Feature lighting, on the other hand, should be illuminated with a bright beam that is directed at the feature itself.

Make a Statement with Standing Lamps and Pendant Lighting

Using large, standing lights outdoors is a great way to make simple design into something amazing. Items such as the AMAX exterior floor lamp are statement pieces unto themselves and make perfect accents for gathering spaces on the lawn or pool deck.

Pendant lighting does the same for your porches and balconies, creating an elegant and relaxing space for people to sit and relax after a long day.

Make your Outdoor Space your new Favourite Room

You can make the most of your lawn and outdoor spaces with signature lighting that keeps your exterior functional day and night. Not only that, carefully placed lighting provides extra security and allows you to illuminate your favourite outdoor features once the sun sets.

We have a wide range of lighting that opens up a world of opportunities for you to make your yard the best room in the house.