Flos Lighting Creations are now Available at Christopher Wray

Christopher Wray is proud to be stocking creations from Flos Lighting. Flos is an Italian company with a focus on minimalist lighting design. Their philosophy is one of reduction, reducing both distraction from the world and also design complexity. Their aim is to provide designs with a minimalist appearance that helps to filter out the noise of daily life, creating a simple and pure atmosphere.

Their products reflect this philosophy, with individual designers producing work that provides high impact designs from the simplest of creations. They use deceptively complex technological tricks and high-quality manufacturing techniques to create their works.


Introducing Some of The Magic from the Flos Collection

The Superloon merges technological complexity with simplicity. This floor lamp consists of a tripod base, onto which is mounted a rotating stand containing a large flat disc. This disc contains a ring of edge lighting LEDs that provide a bright but diffused light as it is filtered through a silk screen. The disc can be rotated to face any direction, and a small optical sensor in the base allows the light to be switched to a warm mode, providing a more intimate light tone. While its design is modern and minimalist, the Superloon is a lamp with a lot of power and functionality.

A design with more going on than meets the eye is the Copycat. Two spheres make up this table lamp, one large light-emitting sphere just touching a much smaller golden one. In appearance, the Copycat almost resembles a star and a planet orbiting together. In an interesting twist of both technical and artistic design, it is the smaller sphere that is the heavier, allowing this seemingly precarious design a solid and stable base. The smaller sphere is made from machined aluminium coated in 24K gold, which provides a glorious lustre. A dimmer switch on the power cable allows for fine-tuning of the light.

Providing indirect lighting in style is the Hide wall light. An aluminium shelf with a secret, the Hide has LED lighting on its lower shelf that projects on to the upwards portion of this L-shaped light. Its design brings to mind inspiration and imagination, as it illuminates a room as though from a hidden passage within a bookshelf. Designs and small items can even be placed on the shelf to create interesting new plays of shadow and reflection.

One of the newest and most interesting designs from Flos is Arrangements. This 2018 suspension lighting design is actually a collection of smaller designs. Loops, squares, tear drops, and rods all share a common theme, with a bright outer rim and dark inner rim, paired with a slim and minimal overall design. They can all be purchased and used separately, but the true genius of their design is their ability to be connected. Loops can be placed within each other or suspended from squares.

Tear drops can hang from rods and support loops of their own. Each separate component is connected to the other both mechanically and electrically through an integrated system, and overall power is supplied by a ceiling rose with a customisable setup that includes multiple light levels and a 2.5m cable. The minimal design and impressive customisation of the Arrangements series truly sets them apart from other suspension lights.

Flos Lighting has a lot to offer any home, and at Christopher Wray we’re excited to share this collection with you.