Flush & Semi Flush Pendants

Flush and semi-flush pendants are the all-rounders in the lighting family, casting light over a wide space while still allowing a decent portion of their light to fall in a specific area.

Light travels in straight lines outward from its source, bouncing off any surface that doesn't completely absorb it. Absorbed light is converted to heat energy, so the interior surface of light shades is normally designed to be reflective or translucent, rather than absorbent.

The shape of the pendant will determine how the light is directed. Transparent or highly translucent pendants will throw the most scattered light, giving a good general lighting to the whole room without too much focus.

This makes such a design good for use in bedrooms and corridors. Add a dimmer switch and you can totally set the mood.

Less translucent or opaque pendants will reflect more light internally, and the focus of the light depends much more on the shape of the design in this case. Generally the intention is to send more of the light directly down, but sometimes it can be sent in other directions.

There is even a rare type of semi-flush pendant that is fully opaque on the bottom and open at the top.

This is intended for situations where only indirect light is desired. The light is reflected off the ceiling and as a consequence the illumination is very weak. It would be used in spaces where light is constantly required, but the general area is intended for rest or sleep.

Pendant designs from Christopher Wray provide the perfect blend of functional and decorative light with elegance. They’re perfectly suited to areas where a chandelier or hanging pendant would feel like it's too much, or would get in the way.

With looks ranging from antique to modern, flush and semi-flush pendants from Christopher Wray can enhance any space.

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Elegant semi-flush ceiling light with a classic design featuring distinctive leaf shaped metal detailing and adorned with pear shaped crystal elements. Available in either a painted black or white or luxurious gold leaf finish with either clear or jet black decoration in Asfour or Swarovski crystal. Matching chandelier, wall light and table lamp exist within the collection.


Modern flush ceiling light with a glossy lacquered polyester fibre shade with protected pvc coating which is available in a choice of three colours complete with a glass diffuser and metal trim in a choice of two finishes.


Modern flush ceiling light collection featuring an unusual patterned glass shade and chrome metal frame. Available in four sizes with matching suspension pendants and wall lights completing the collection.


Transitional flush ceiling light with a cornice inspired design. Featuring a lacquered polyurethane frame with decorative detail and white polycarbonate diffuser. Available in three shapes and a choice of four finish options. Matching suspension pendants and wall lights exist within the collection.


Transitional semi-flush ceiling light collection suitable for both classic and modern interiors with carfeful selection of finish. Design features a round ceiling plate with central stem and three decorative outer arms that support a round metal ring which frames an opal glass diffuser. Ideal for rooms with low ceilings or for those who wish to have a more discreet light source. Available in two sizes and four finish options. Matching suspension pendant exist within the collection.


A truly visual treat and undoubtedly unique lighting collection with a transitional design featuring a hand crafted floral themed metal frame in a choice of five finishes which is dressed with Swarovski elements. Under each frame sits soft earthy fabrics chosen to compliment the respective metal finish. Available in three sizes over one, two and three tiers and complete with a satin polycarbonate diffuser. Matching chandelier, shade suspensions, wall lights and floor lamp exist within the collection.


Semi flush and flush pendant series with white enamelled metal structure, decorated with ceramic roses and Asfour crystals and pendants in white enamelled national glass. Finished with silk organza lampshades. There are other pieces available in this family.


Luxury crystal feature ceiling light collection with a contemporary design, featuring a minimalist style ceiling plate in either a chrome or 24k gold metal finish, from which chains of Swarovski Strass crystal octagonal elements are arranged in either a linear or wave shaped formation finished with a Swarovski Strass crystal pendalogue. This versatile collection is fully customisable and can be made to any bespoke shape or size. Coloured Swarovski crystal can also be used upon request. Matching chandelier and wall light complete the collection.


Contemporary flush ceiling light with a square metallic plate generously adorned with rows of octagonal cut crystals. Available in a wide selection of metal finishes and with clear or coloured crystal, either in one finish or as a combination of colours. Matching suspension pendant, wall light, table and floor lamp exist within the collection.


Wall and ceiling lamp offering reflected and diffused light. With a modern design featuring matt white injection moulded polycarbonate egg-shaped plates fitted together asymmetrically to showcase the innovative interplay of light and shade. Available in two sizes with either fluorescent of integrated LED lamps which are available both dimmable and non-dimmable.


Modern semi-flush ceiling light collection available in four sizes, featuring a chrome metal frame adorned with a combination of octagonal shaped elements and multi-faceted balls in either Asfour or Swarovski crystal. Matching wall lights complete the collection.


Modern visually playful wall light and flush ceiling light collection in the form a balloon. Made of satin polyethylene which is a translucent material, hiding a low energy consumption fluorescent lamp. Suspending subtly the diffuser is a red cord, which on the wall version only, also serves as a switch (although can be disconnected if required). Two versions of wall light exitst with one offering a LED pilot light with a 0.5w lamp to gently illuminate dark spots for guidance and reassurance at night.