Foscarini Is Fast Becoming One of the UK’s Best-Loved Lighting Brands

Lighting is one of the most basic elements of design and it represents a central point where style meets functionality. Lighting completely changes the way a room looks and feels by using the interplay between light and shadow. When you add in beautifully creative design, lighting becomes an artistic element that brings out the overall originality of the room it illuminates.

Foscarini is an Italian lighting design company that is known for their bold and innovative products. They wholeheartedly embrace the mastery that Italian design is known for throughout many industries.

Each lamp is carefully planned to create interplay of light and shadow that evokes emotion while providing the perfect levels of illumination necessary for different types of space. They’re quickly rising in popularity in the UK, and it’s all because of their commitment to artistry in the lighting industry.

Lamps Worthy of the Louvre

Foscarini has changed the way we view lighting for 30 years and counting. Their designs focus as much on the artistry of their overall product as on the quality of light each item produces. You’ll find stunning explorations of geometrics and natural shapes, as well as some truly imaginative feats of engineering.

Whether it’s their gravity-defying Twiggy lamp by Marc Sadler or the delicate Caboche ceiling and wall set by Urguiola and Gerotto, their pieces become the fine details that truly heighten the overall aesthetic of a space.

Their Caboche ceiling lamp actually reflects the appearance of the sun in a clear sky. The way light refracts across the spheres that compose the body of the piece creates delicate fractal patterns reminiscent of an Indian Mandala drawing. This attention to detail is what sets Foscarini lighting apart from other companies, relegating them to the realms of fine art as well as fine lighting.

Innovation Begins with the Bulb

The Mandala patterns created by the Caboche ceiling light are made possible by a combination of the overall structure of the piece and also Foscarini’s choice in lighting mechanics.

Everything is carefully planned so that the strength and quality of light matches and enhances the design of each product. That’s how Foscarini is able to create unique pieces that seamlessly integrate into a room. Fine art should only dominate a space when it’s meant to do so, after all.

The mechanics of lighting have shifted greatly over the years, and Foscarini has been keen to keep their creative vision current with new technologies. Their company began when the halogen bulb was still the mainstay in lighting fixtures. Today, the company continues to explore incandescents while also responding to the growing interest in LED lighting.

Production Comes Second to Concept

At Foscarini, everything they make is a way to give form to a concept. The Twiggy lamp by Marc Sadler began with an idea based around the way fishing boats are lighted along the helm. This basic concept grew into an exploration of weights and levers, finally resulting in the heavy head of the lamp gracefully extending from an impossibly thin base.

Their products are not designed according to ease of production. Instead, they’re constructed to give form to a concept. There is no shortage of concepts at Foscarini, either. The company works with a long list of impressive designers who are given creative license to fully explore their ideas. That’s why they continue to offer some of the most forward-thinking and truly innovative lighting products in the industry.

Emotion Sets the Tone

Lighting has always been an important feature in what kind of mood a room creates. Design increasingly weighs this factor in the creation of beautiful interior and exterior spaces. Foscarini values emotion above all else, citing this as a primary feature of good lighting design.

Their products are a practice in crafting experience, and that’s exactly why they’re quickly becoming one of the best-loved lighting brands in the UK.

From concept to the finished product, this company keeps a close eye on quality of design. Their products fully explore not only how lighting can change your life, but also what lighting can mean in terms of good design.

With their focus on innovation, emotion and artistry; this company will likely continue to dominate the industry for many years and we’re proud to stock some of the brand’s wonderful designs.