Interior Design Trends That You'll Love In 2018

A year is a long time in interior design. In 2017, we observed some wonderful and bizarre design trends with wall tapestries, farmhouse chic, sophisticated pastel colours, rounded furniture, marble, matte appliances, retro Edison bulbs and wireless lighting all making a big impact.

However, we are now in 2018, and you know what that means? We’ve got a whole host of new interior design trends to observe, admire, discuss, dismiss or embrace.



There are some bold and different predications as to what colours, features, fixtures and fittings will assume the greatest heights of popularity but the following are five emerging interior design trends that you will definitely love in 2018:

1.       A break away from traditional sinks

Kitchen sinks haven’t always got the attention they have deserved. They were always either white or stainless steel – box ticked, nothing else to consider. However, finally the general public are giving in to the wishes of kitchen designers and embracing new sink design ideas.

A focal point and busy area of the kitchen, the sink is going to get a lot more design attention so expect to see more variations in design and materials. Stone, copper, concrete, and granite sinks will start to significantly overtake traditional designs from 2018 onwards.

2.       Copper pendant lights

Vintage and industrial style lighting has experienced a rebirth in popularity in recent years and that popularity is set to continue in 2018. As we move into the New Year, demand is rising for aged copper pendant lights that are distinctively rustic and vintage.

Interior designers and homeowners aren’t just looking for mass reproduced vintage lighting though; they want the real deal and we can see why.

3.       Dark woods

Modern homes normally incorporate a beautiful mix of light woods, light colours and natural, bright lighting into their design theme. In 2018, we’re set to see a change here with a combination of dark woods with bright lighting making a big impact.

Think chocolate brown wooden floors, cabinets, wardrobes, storage cabinets etc. offset against spectacular lighting arrangements. In particular, a rising trend will be the use of reclaimed dark woods.

4.       From pink to peach

Pink shades, especially dusty pinks, dominated interior design in 2017. Pink shades will remain popular in 2018 but peachy shades will once again rise to the top.

A slightly less feminine alternative to pink shades, peach palettes are simple to pair with any colour scheme or aesthetic – both modern and traditional.

5.       Chandelier lighting

The re-release of Beauty and the Beast in 2017 seems to have provided design inspiration as some of the top expected design trends of 2018 are reminiscent of the film – grand fireplaces, velvet fabrics, golden hues, brass fixtures and our personal favourite, chandeliers.


cherrison chandelier

Alongside an oversized suite of furniture and minimalist interior, chandelier lighting can offer the perfect final touch in achieving a grand design.

2018 is set to be another amazing year for interior design and these are just five trends that we count among our favourites.