Light Up Your Rooms: Decorating with Chandelier Lighting & Wall Lights

Large rooms can create specific lighting challenges. Modern architecture uses many techniques to try and overcome these challenges, but often the skills of an interior decorator are necessary to complete the job. In older homes and those furnished with period antiques, it's essential to choose lighting products with appropriate attention to detail.

Whatever style of home you’re decorating, whether it’s modern or older, a combination of chandelier and wall lighting can add a beautiful decorative touch. It is important to attempt a match between the style of the room and the lighting installed in it.

Obviously, also when a room is smaller, it is best to use either chandelier lighting or wall lighting, as using both in a small space may be overdoing things. Good taste dictates that decorative additions should never seem forced.

Within a large space, the combination of chandelier lights with wall lights will be more natural and fills the need for practical lighting and wonderful aesthetics. The chandelier will be the primary lighting source, and is usually centrally located in the room.

Caban Chandelier

Use appropriate lighting for each space

When the room is oddly shaped, the chandelier is best centered in the largest chamber, and you may even need to consider using multiple chandeliers to ensure sufficient light distribution throughout the room. 

Wall lights are used to give extra light fill and may also provide direct lighting into specific areas where it's needed. You can also use smaller downlights and uplights to highlight artworks and other such things, if you should wish.

Match the lighting styles properly

The important thing to remember is that you need to try and find chandelier and wall light combinations that are going to complement each other rather than clash. The style needs to be not too different, and there should be close points of similarity.

For example, within the Christopher Wray lighting range, the Abbotts style chandelier will combine quite well with a wall light such as Thames or Usherwood, but would look completely mismatched with Thurbott or Urle.

Usherwood Wall Light

The Christopher Wray difference

Christopher Wray is one of the most prominent lighting designers in the UK, and is continuing the proud traditions of art nouveau and art deco lighting design in both classic and contemporary styles.

With thousands of exciting lighting designs to choose from, Christopher Wray is a dream come true for interior decorators who require nothing but the best in terms of quality and workmanship. The extraordinary designs of Christopher Wray range from intricate to simple, but they're always elegant and provide a practical way to beautify and illuminate any room. 

Made from quality materials and using the most traditional hand made methods, you are assured of a creation that represents superior value. This is why for wall lights or chandeliers in the UK, you don't want to go to just any lighting provider.

Visit Christopher Wray Lighting at 599 King's Road, Fulham to find the best in decorative lighting and we’d be happy to offer you any other advice you need when it comes to decorating with chandeliers and wall lights.