The Best 8 Interior Design Blogs To Follow

Interior design is one of those complex fields where you can never really have too much information. Whether you're a professional designer or simply want some inspiration for the decoration of your own home, the blogs listed in this article provide plenty of wonderful ideas and solid advice.

Of course you don't need to stray too far from where you are right now to find some excellent interior design advice, because our very own blog right here at Christopher Wray Lighting is packed with quality articles.

But seeing as variety is the spice of life, it certainly can be a good idea to get inspiration from as many sources as you can. Here are a few of our favourites.

1. Design Milk

Part of a series of websites bearing (for no apparent reason) the "milk" label, it's a simple blog that has plenty of interesting and informative articles to sharpen your mind upon.

2. Apartment Therapy

This is a seriously big blog with a dizzying array of articles to select from. This blog is particularly good when you're looking for something specific (making better use of a small space, for example). It has a decent search function, and it's updated by scores of writers so the content is never stale or bland.

3. Old Brand New

Here in England, when we talk about Bohemian design, we're usually talking literally about pre-20th Century design from the former Kingdom of Bohemia. For Americans, however, the word has a more glamorous connotation and this blog takes that approach.

Old Brand New is primarily a blog platform for promoting the concept of the "Bohemian Home" (and the site owner's books on the same topic). If you like the idea of unconventional interiors, this is the blog for you.

4. Habitually Chic

This is a truly beautiful site run by a professional designer and featuring exclusive and interesting content you won't see elsewhere. The best posts are those told from a personal perspective, and you'll quickly figure out which those are.

5. Remodelista

One of the most popular design blogs on the net, this site has exquisite images and pleasantly crafted (if sometimes overtly commercial) text. There are more articles on the Remodelista blog than you could hope to read in a lifetime.

6. Chic Provence

One for lovers of French style, this site is one of the less commercial, and consequently more enjoyable, interior design blogs.

7. CocoCozy

Another sprawling blog filled with content, but unlike many of the other blogs of this size, this one features plenty of articles by the blog owner herself.

8. Your Home Only Better

This blog is a bit difficult to navigate until you become familiar with the layout (a bit ironic for a design blog), but the articles are really worth the read, and the first person perspective is refreshing after being hit by wave after wave of advertorial walls masquerading as personal blogs.

As the name of the site implies, the gist of the articles is improving and beautifying your home.

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