The Many Benefits of Choosing a Professional Interior Designer vs. Doing a DIY Renovation

Remodelling or starting to decorate your home from scratch is never the easiest thing. It takes time, money and the vision to create something that you will love for many years ahead. With all this in mind, it’s little wonder that many people hire interior designers to decorate their dream home.

In this article we outline just some of the benefits of hiring a professional interior designer vs. doing it all by yourself.


Time is money

There are no two ways about it: time is money and redecorating or building your home is going to take time regardless of whether you go alone or use a professional interior decorator. The big question is: How much time do you have to spare?

When doing a DIY project, you’ll have to take a very hands-on approach and it’s likely that you and your partner/family will be doing all the hard work yourself. This can be incredibly time-consuming if you have a full-time job and have to rely on after hours or weekends to get the decorating done.

When you hire a professional interior designer, he/she will usually come with a whole team of hands. The added bonus is that interior decorating is their full-time job and this means while you have to leave for your daily employment, you know that they are at your home doing the work for you.



The factor that puts most people off hiring professional interior decorators is the cost factor and the truth of the matter is, that if you are looking purely at per hour pay then sure, professionals are going to cost you a whole lot more than taking a DIY approach.

However, what many people tend to forget are the connections that professionals bring with them when it comes to building or sourcing items. Most professionals have preferred suppliers that they work with and this often comes with special prices.

Instead of shopping around and spending hours finding the perfect lighting fixture and getting charged full price, interior decorators can save you time and money through their well-used suppliers.


Your vision

Your home is your special place and whether you are decorating a modern marvel or a quaint cottage, you are undoubtedly going to have visions of what you want your space to look like.

The right interior designer will listen to your vision and put a professional take on it. He/she will be able to recognise all of the issues that someone who’s not experienced in design would overlook.

From incorporating the perfect colour palate and blend of different styles to making sure your space is both stylish and practical, you can be sure that your vision will be brought to life in the best way possible.


Less stress

Not sure what kind of furniture would match your chosen wallpaper? Confused about which style of bath would look great with your new luxury vinyl tiles and bathroom lighting fixtures? It can be stressful knowing which elements of your design will complement one another.

Working with a professional interior designer will make the process of decorating your space much less stressful so you can enjoy seeing your dream space come together before your eyes.