Who Lives In A House Like This? - Celebrity Inspiration for Interior Design

Interior Inspiration from Celebrity Homes

Celebrities come in all different forms from all different backgrounds, but what generally unites them is that other people (often including other celebrities) find them inspirational.

Because most celebrities are lucky enough to lead a good lifestyle, they can often afford to spend on the best interior design for their homes, and even though not everyone has a celebrity budget, inspiration costs nothing.

We can derive ideas from our favourite celebrities for our own interior decoration, maybe not an exact match, but in a similar style, adjusted for our own personal taste and budget.

Let's take a peek at some celebrity interior décor ideas and see if we can get some genuine inspiration from them.

1. Reese Witherspoon – Living Room

Reese Witherspoon's appropriately gorgeous hacienda style home oozes colonial Mexican era charm. It's warm, cosy, and classy without pretension.

The first impression is one of being "at home". It is just such a comfortable space, a little cluttered, perhaps, but intensely inviting, with the fireplace as the focal point of the room, and a set up that invites conversation rather than passive entertainments.

Bare wooden floorboards are partially covered by squares of carpet that create a really modest but beautiful look. Antique styled chairs and coffee table make a statement that this rustic look is a choice of comfort rather than luxury, while the abundance of books on every flat surface also makes the room an intellectual retreat.

Indeed, Reese is well known for her studiousness (she is a former Stanford student) and wide range of interests. Well-placed decorative table lamps are a notable feature of task lighting, while ambient lighting is provided by a perfectly on-theme eight branched wrought iron chandelier with shaded bulbs. This style provides quality down light without glare.

Matching wall brackets are used to reinforce the theme and provide a softer light when needed. The high ceiling helps offset any latent claustrophobia a visitor may feel from such a cluttered looking environment, while the exposed wooden beams and joists add to the rustic appeal of the room.

2. John Hamm – Dining Room

Proving that you can never have too much money, John Hamm, one of American television's highest paid actors, is moving out of his luxury NYC apartment and putting it up for rent at a cool $15,000 per month.

That might sound like a lot, but really it's a steal for such a beautiful furnished apartment in the heart of the city. It’s located in a designer building that is fantastic both on the inside and out.

The dining room is built with a focus on spaciousness and light. It's quite the opposite of the semi-claustrophobic clutter of Reese’s living room as John’s dining room is all about wide-open spaces.

The first thing you can't ignore is the huge picture window across the back wall, with views of classic New York brownstone buildings. The room opens onto a covered balcony every bit as lavishly furnished as the interior. Adding to the overall spacious feeling is a pair of matching skylights on either side of the modern chic style chandelier.

Below the lighting, we see a solid dining table surrounded by stylish modern chairs, with a modest floral centrepiece. As in the previous example, the floor is bare hardwood with simple carpet rug.

What is notable about the chandelier is that none of the lights are angled to directly shine on the table, and the arms are well spaced. A similar effect can be achieved with Christopher Wray's own Abthrope Spyder design.

3. Serena Williams – Bathroom

Serena’s bathroom is a sprawling and perfectly designed room, with a slightly hotel-ish feel to it. The bath is raised on a pedestal and it’s placed directly in the path of a small window that gives a sneak peak of her beautiful Beverly Hills estate.

What's good about this bathroom is that it's so "normal" yet luxurious, and it's also spaced in a very practical way. Everything is in a minimalist style, except for the gilded taps and showerhead, making it a no-nonsense bathroom that would look at home anywhere.

The simple monochrome colour scheme with emphasis on white gives a bright hygienic look to the room.

Note the cleverly placed wall light above the mirror, acting as a task light for makeup application and other daily rituals. Elsewhere in the room the lighting is less prominent, but Serena knows where the most important place to invest in bathroom lighting is and we love her style.

A few closing thoughts

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it's also important to find your own style and do what feels natural for your home. By all means be inspired by the wonderful ideas celebrities incorporate into their home décor schemes, yet don't avoid adding your own sense of character to your home, because it is your home.

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